Lahore Music Meet: Here’s Why The Weekend in Lahore Was


Something special is always on the go on every weekend in Lahore. The city is arguably the most
happening place in all of Pakistan and we are going to highlight one major event that became the talk of the town.

The spirit of music was thumping in the air this weekend at Lahore Music Meet A 2-day music festival that took place at Alhamra, grabbed a lot of attention. It was an event intended to celebrate the on-going rise of indie music culture in Pakistan, which Pepsi Battle of the Bands has surely contributed to.

Through concerts and workshops, we witnessed a healthy atmosphere celebrating the rise of local
music. Lahore Music Meet was especially a much sought-after event for aspiring artists, music
enthusiasts, musicians, producers, etc. to network and use one heck of an exposure provided by the event.

The music festival, in its 4th year, attracted over 20,000 people! Let’s talk about what happened on both of the days at Lahore Music Meet: Day 1 started with Pepsi Battle of the Bands instrument-showcase where we saw some of the coveted instruments behind those amazing sounds you heard all along the bygone season. All these
instruments entail a special story and bonding of their owners (the band members).
The iconic instruments were exhibited on Day 1 which belong to respective band members of the top 4
bands of the competition.

We had: Ahmed Jillani’s (Badnaam) fender guitar

Jasim Haider’s (Pindi Boys) harmonica

Daud Ramay’s (Roots) cymbal…and of course, Zair Zaki’s (Kashmir) acoustic guitar

The crowd could view all these instruments at the display and learned the incredible stories as narrated
by the band members.

Next was “Guitar Hunt” – about this one, Pepsi held a proper scavenger hunt at the event. What’s more
exciting is that people were handed a chance to win their very own guitar via a lucky draw. All they had
to do was take pictures and record videos.

This activity was largely interesting because the participants were required to take selfies with any band,
picture-in- picture in the Pepsi Hall with a Pepsi bottle or make boomerang videos of performances by
the bands.
Now, let’s talk about the bands that joined up the evening. Day 1 saw the appearances of Jasim Haider
and the Pindi Boys, Aura, Madlock, Roots and Badnaam. On Day 2, we had the winners, Kashmir!
We had our favorite contestants from Pepsi Battle of the Bands under one roof for 2 days – more like a
chance for the fandom to get involved, meet and greet them! We are sure everyone must have captured
a thousand photos.
So, the first day seemed like the perfect treat for all music enthusiasts; let’s now discover what
happened on Day 2 of Lahore Music Meet…

As mentioned, the second day at the Lahore Music Meet was occupied by Kashmir – the band. They had
an hour long interactive session with music enthusiasts, where they held discussion about their journey,
their surreal rise and popularity and most importantly, their music and the prospect of the industry.
And, how could we have an evening without Kashmir delivering an emphatic performance? Once again,
they pulled off absolute magic on the stage! Alhamra was packed and roaring with the incredible sounds
of Kashmir’s performance.

Some of their well acclaimed songs were played which include Kaghaz Ka Jahaz, Parwana Hun, Buddha
Baba and Faislay. The fans were uplifted all along these performanes. That’s not all; Bilal Ali, the vocalist
asked the crowd to flash their phones; torchlights and sing along to Faislay… it was absolutely

During their performances, exclusive merchandise of Kashmir was given away to fans.
It was indeed a time for the people of Lahore. We believe such music events should continue to be held
as they outright promote a positive culture of music. Without a doubt, Pepsi’s incredible efforts of
promoting local music in Pakistan were a remarkable success.

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