Bows & Buttons is a new designer children’s wear venture by Hina Hashim andTehmina Muzaffar, catering to young girls from the age of 1 to 12 years. It offers a great selection of party and cotton frocks as well as wedding wear for the little ones. We chat with the lovely ladies behind this amazing new brand about handmade frocks, competition and their stance on inspiration versus replication:

What led you to start a children’s clothing brand? How long has it been?

Timmy: Arriving back in Pakistan after years overseas I was at a loss to find good quality ready to wear for my grandchildren so I started to initially make their clothes. The response and requests that I started receiving form friends and relatives got me started on the idea to start a designer line for children with a price range that would be affordable for all. This was more than 2 years ago.

Hina: With the arrival of my daughter Tanya I was in the same dilemma as every young mother is in Pakistan. So when Timmy Apa came back from Brunei and started work on her first exhibition I realized that this was a niche that would be different to enter into and really needed so we decided to partner our expertise together.

Tell us about your background training? 

Hina: I have a degree in fashion Designing from PIFD Pakistan. I worked for sometime creating designs for party and wedding wear.

Timmy: I am from the generation that learnt the art of stitching and working with tailors from our homes designing our own clothes. Living with my Nano I learnt the art of choosing fabrics and putting together laces to create unique designs from the best teacher.

All your clothes are handmade tell us a little about the process. How do you manage quality control?

The fabrics and laces for dresses and frocks are mostly purchased from different countries keeping in mind the line or theme we have for a particular collection. Wedding wear that is a new line we have launched and want to incorporate locally purchased fabrics. Each design is carefully crafted keeping in view costing so that we can maintain our pricing. I work closely with the tailors to ensure quality to the last final detail of the outfit.

Three words to describe your brand 

Quality, Style and Comfort

When people come to bows and buttons what should they expect?

We have Personalized service for our fashion conscious little clients as well as ready to wear. Our clients can expect to find a wide range of outfits they can choose from and in the size they need. Also if they want some thing specially designed we will go the extra mile to do a customized design for them.

You take inspiration from?

My inspiration is all the beautiful young children I see around me. I keenly observe their needs and fashion trends for the young ones globally.

How do you deal with competition?

I feel there is really no issue of competition at this stage as this market still has room for more as we are only covering just one aspect of the needs of this young clientele. I think our attention to detail is what sets us apart and the pride we take in each one of our creations.

What’s the next step? 

We have already taken our first exhibition to Rawalpindi and hope to continue with our exhibitions in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar ,Quetta and eventually of course Insha’Allah want to launch our outlet.

What are you working on now?

We are working on our new spring and summer collection to be launched in March.

What are your views on the inspiration Vs Replication debate?

For us we work on inspiration, we design each outfit according to the fabric and the best way it will enhance the look of our little clients. Any of our creations that may bear resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.


Instagram: bowsandbuttons_lhr

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