Essential Grooming Tips this Summer!


With the summer temps hitting the mid 40s, Ramzan being in full swing and the unbearable sweat causing humidity; looking and feeling good feels like a chore. If facing the summer heat gracefully seems like a difficult proposition to you, you needn’t fear for we have six easy tips, by Rasal Saleh, to keep you looking good and feeling great!

1. Short hair and trimmed beards should be the cornerstones of your summer look.

Long hair gets oilier and is harder to maintain, regular shampooing and conditioning helps in keeping your hair under control and you sane. Product usage should be kept to a bare minimum. Product causes build up in the hair and couple that with sweat, it will either run off on the forehead and give you a case of shiny brow or will cause a white flaky dandruff-like build up on the scalp. And let’s face it, neither is a pretty sight!

side-part and beard

2. Take care of your skin.

In this heat any skin type short of a Rhino’s will feel the effects of the heat. Make sure you use hydrating face washes and sunscreen to keep the skin soft, acne free and safe from the UV rays. For beauty really is skin deep, no one ever had a pretty pancreas!

3. Do NOT over do the cologne.

Tying to mask sweat with cologne is a bad idea. BAD IDEA! It will make you feel miserable and smell terrible. So, shower!!

Regular showers coupled with deodorant will keep you cool and smelling fresh. So please, do not skimp on them; everyone loves a nice smelling man.

Shorts and Loafers

4. Fashion doesn’t have to be impractical.

Soft cottons and pastel colors will keep you cool. Stay away from form fitting clothes. Shorts coupled with button downs and loafers are all the rage today. And if you need to add a bit of color to the outfit, try pairing muted shirts with bright shorts and bright socks under pastel pants. Who said only girls can mix and match?

5. Shoes:

socks 2

They are very important in the summers. The wrong shoes will make your day feel like a drag. Choose the right kind of shoes: most loafers have aired sides and most sneakers have an air hole or two. Stay away from synthetics if you want a formal shoe. Leather will always keep your feet cooler, but whatever you do, do not forget the socks! With loafers you can opt for no show socks, they will stay inside the shoe not killing your bare feet style and not letting your feet smell like a dump. Some men can pull off chappals too, but be sure your nails are trimmed and the feet are clean. We are all civilized people here after all!


6. Workout:

The heat is no excuse to not remain fit, go swimming it will keep you cool and also keep you in shape for the summers, without all those layers of winter clothing to hide within, that’s a good idea. Beach body anyone? In conclusion, be smart and be clean and while the others sweat and toil you will be looking your Sunday best all week.


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