With a new year comes a whole bunch of artists either springing into success or taking the step from budding newcomers to in-demand stars. With gallery openings almost every other week and a wide variety of online art exhibitions happening all-year-round, we have a plethora of emerging talent in Pakistan. Whether they’re putting a modern twist on traditional paintings, pushing forward into the world of digital techniques, making unique hand crafted sculptures or the highly skilled photographers who creatively captivate our imagination; the creative minds are leading the pack at the moment. We bring you the names of emerging artists you need to keep an eye on this year – in no particular order:

Mina Mohsin

Graduated as a painting major in 2013 from the National College of Arts, Lahore, Mina participated in group shows in Islamabad and Lahore at various galleries before shifting to the U.S for her Masters in Fine art at Pratt. Mina’s work uses excessive amount of color and pattern to evoke both fascination and repulsion to the viewer. She paints scenes which allude to the presence of a person through possessions. Mina’s work is a hot favourite amongst our kitschy art enthusiasts!


Mina Arham

A BFA with a major in painting from the National College of Arts, Lahore, this young artist shows Urban Landscapes like never seen before. Mina graduated in 2014 and has been exhibiting her work ever since. Her command on using mixed media and complex mediums is what further enhances her drawings of her hometown Lahore. Currently, she has been selected for the Gasworks residency in the UK and is hard at work making us proud!

Soofia Says

With no formal art background and a full time marketing job, Soofia explores digital photography and manipulation. It all started with a residency in Thailand where she was mentored by professional artists and photographers. Soofia has shown in Thailand and Beirut internationally and recently had her solo exhibition in Islamabad before she moved yet again to another destination. Her recent series of digital photo manipulations of surreal self portraits caught a lot of attention and were widely admired by art lovers and artists.

Sundeep Kumar

A recent graduate in Fine art from CEAD Jamshoro, Sundeep uses coins to document the past through his round shaped canvases. His fascination with currency makes him deface the coins and swaps it with his memories. The young artist immaculately blends in realism with surrealism in oil on canvas and has shown his thesis work and a continuation of the series at galleries in Karachi & Islamabad.

Zoya Manan

Zoya is a painting major from the National College of Arts, Lahore. After graduating in 2014, Zoya has been working on exhibitions in Lahore & Islamabad. Her colorful, larger than life pieces are observations of the people from all tiers of society surrounding her. Predominantly, her medium of expression is Oil on Canvas but recently the artist has been exploring layers of mixed media on her paintings creating three dimensional surfaces. Currently, Zoya is working on her solo exhibition early next year in Islamabad.

Sanie Bokhari

Sanie Shoaib Bokhari was born in Lahore, Pakistan. After studying art at National College of Arts, she has exhibited her work in several galleries in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad and has been travelling overseas which greatly influenced her work. For her, grey and white is the basis of creation and extinction. White gives birth to all color and grey can mute it just as easily. In reconciling the religious morality of a country like Pakistan with her seemingly blasphemous desire to create, she found an outlet in the very two colors that paint the undertones of everything.

Ali Karimi

Ali Karimi was born in Tando Mohammad Khan, Sindh, Pakistan. He graduated in 2013 from National College of Arts, Lahore as a miniature painter.He explains that art has always been part of his family history, because some of his ancestors were Sufi poets, but his interest is visual art. Ali uses traditional miniature techniques construct and deconstruct his contemporary visual influences. Ali Has shown widely in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad during the last two years.

Faten Suleman

Graduated from the National College of Arts Rawalpindi in January 2012.Majored in painting and have exhibited in several group shows across the country ever since. Her recent art pieces are a visual journal of memories that have affected or changed the artist. The artist works in mixed media and has recently started working on smaller detailed paintings as opposed to her larger canvases produced earlier. Her work shows a constant evolution and her unique study of human anatomy and forms in various layers is what makes her work stand apart. Her work is extremely reasonable as the artist feels that her work needs to connect with other people who feel drawn towards her work in order for her to grow as an artist and as an individual.

Ahmer Farooq

Ahmer Farooq is an artist, entrepreneur, and manager based in Lahore. He completed his basic arteducation from Bedford Modern School and continued on to develop his broader professional skills with a MBA from Imperial College, London. His artwork has been showcased in various venues in UK and Pakistan. Ahmer’s large scale mixed media abstract paintings portray women. Conforming to social norms and yet being able to portray otherwise is the objective behind his work. Complying with the fact that the onlooker appreciates beauty, the artist is able to stir uneasiness amongst the many other feelings that one feels when one looks at the artist’s work.

Rabia Dawood

Rabia graduated from the Karachi School of art in 2007 and recently compled her Masters in Visualart from the National College of Arts, Lahore. She has been exhibiting widely since the last eight years at prominent galleries in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. Her work revolves around the concept of magical realism and the various facades of women in our society. She uses gold and silver leaf in her work to highlight certain elements.

Madiha Hyder

Madiha is from Karachi, Pakistan. She graduated from the Indus Valley School of art and Architecture in 2006 with a major in Painting and minor in Photography. She has exhibited in galleries across Pakistan. Her work revolves around realism and the personal and political issues, domestic and social concerns.


Muhammad Ali

He graduated from the Indus Valley school of art and architecture, he has shown his work locally and internationally at galleries. He manipulates, create and render the whole metaphysical and literal worlds of fantasy on his canvas. We love his mix of pop culture in his works.

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