BNU Thesis Display Round Up


Hundal Hussain writes about his favourite picks at BNU's thesis display for the year 2016:

Hashir Hameed Bukhari – ‘All that music that has ever been playing is still playing.’

Hashir Hameed definitely showcased his musical side with the absolutely riveting art meets music display, where he turned everyday usual items into extraordinary instruments. This boy is definitely going places.

Hashir1 Hashir2

“I’ve always had a passion for music but being in visual arts, I couldn’t just record songs and have people listening to 7 minutes tracks; they need to see or feel something in the field of arts and my medium was sound, with a few layers. My favourite piece of mine is probably The Hypocrite, which is a set of speakers spinning around playing different songs but they all start to sound like one song and you can’t guess which one.”

Meher Nawaz Shah – ‘Not less just different’

Meher was another one of BNU’s shining stars in Visual Arts; her work was rather eye opening, and played with all your senses.

Meher Nawaz

“My thesis is on autism and how in Pakistan people see it as a disease, whereas it is a disorder. Parents and teachers are embarrassed about their kids being autistic. I approached Fazli Azeem, an autist who is the H.O.D of Karachi Institute of Technology and Engineering; his journey really inspired me. I would really like to make people realise that instead of looking for a cure, help the autist get through overwhelming challenges they face, and it’s okay to be different.”

Fizzah Haroon – ‘Sweet Meat’

Fizzah’s super chic jewellery and accessories display was perhaps one of the finest in the whole display. Her message was brought forward in a fun and impactful way, kudos to her!

Fizzah 1

“My work is about my childhood obsession with chocolates and how that brought body image issues in my life. I tried to keep my work quirky and yet still relate it to how I felt or how any person dealing with weight gain challenges would feel. The urge to indulge and the insecurity of your looks are the key elements of my collection. My favourite piece is the Twix Wrapper brooch, that reminds me of my chocolate obsession and waist inches insecurity.”

Mehek Shahrukh – #IntoTheRabbitHole

Mehek’s display was a tiny walk in space with glass walls and neon graffiti inspired by Alice in wonderland and pop culture. This display was a crowd favourite!


Mehek 1

“Inspired by the fairy tale of Alice, and how she goes into this rabbit hole to a new world where she starts to lose her identity; I linked that to our smart phones and how they’ve become the new rabbit hole. I created a selfie room covered with all these negative comments used on social media. I’ve always been categorised of being from a broken family and I’ve tried to climb out of that identity and become something bigger.”

Sara Tariq – ‘My travel line’

Sara’s work in jewellery and accessories was a quirky depiction of London through an outsiders view.

Sara 1

“My line is about travelling and exploring; I took inspirations from the odd little things I noticed or experienced on my trip to UK and I tried to retain all those memories in the form of my work, like my personal favourite Ice Cream Cone brooch.”

Ayesha Rumi – ‘Untitled’

Her work was one of the most popular ones in the display, using photography and chemicals in her work to depict memory transitions, Ayesha is one artist to look out for.

“I wanted such imagery that with time should change or go away; I looked into this term called the transitioning state, which is a fictional chemical term. Our every day travel from one place to another is a transition that I noticed the most and I started photographing my transition. My canvas is a tile which is a very eternal material but the art on it should start transitioning with time and, at the end of the day there’s a history to the tile but that doesn’t necessarily show the art, but shows the whole transition.”

Mahnoor Azhar – ‘Healing Green’

Mahnoor Azhar’s jewellery and accessories line definitely stole the show; her attention to detail, finesse and just the aesthetic itself was enough to make her collection one of the most coveted ones there. Her work reflects nature, in a feminine and exquisite way; she’s clearly a star in the making!

Mahnoor Mahnoor 2

“My work speaks about nostalgic experiences and the distinctive beauty of gardening as a hobby. It’s inspired by my father’s passion for gardening; and I have explored the concept of gardening as a therap and how this activity cultivates the calm mind. The language of this collection carries a very natural and organic course; and with my pieces I’ve tried to connect the viewer with nature in an exquisite way.”

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