Behind the Scenes with Tena Durrani


We speak with the designer about her debut lawn collection and get all the inside scoop



How was your debut lawn experience? What is the design philosophy of this collection?

Much to my surprise, I found designing lawn to be a liberating experience. It’s so different in it’s process and results compared to couture, with a lot of computer technology involved. Yet at the same time, it requires expertise on a whole new level. Generally, as with any collection we make, we don’t really follow a particular theme very rigidly since I find that to be limiting. However, we were quite taken with the botanist era for this lawn collection, and you will find it to be a constant focal point in most of the outfits.

Which silhouette do you want to see more of this year?

As far as lawn is concerned, loose tunics or kurtas with boot cut pants.

What trend do you want to see die this year?

I’m already quite tired of the tulip shalwar.

What made you go with an international model for this shoot?


We wanted the collection itself to create the mood for the audience, rather than a known face to dominate with preconceived notions. Using an international model allowed us the freedom to achieve that.



What kind of look did you go for ?

The look I went for with makeup was very natural. I just played with a lot of lashes and different lip colours. For hair I did soft waves; something that the model could enjoy and play around with.

What makeup trends are you ready to see die?

I would really love for matching eye makeup with clothes to die.

Personal favourite outfits?

My favourite outfits were the net outfits. The idea of using nets was great, and gave the lawn a rich feel.



What was the concept for the shoot?

More than anything, we hoped to evoke the feeling of summer, sunshine, bright skies and pops of colour reminiscent of ice cold sorbets. A carefree, yet glamorous vibe for every woman.

What was the most memorable moment from the shoot?

Omayr Waqar glamorously posing and intimating the posture for the shot.

Personal favourite shot?

Probably of the outfit called Jaipur, but that is a tough call to make.

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