Bonanza has  gone all out with their S/S 2014 Satrangi collection. Working with familiar faces like dream team NFK and Maha Burney, models Amna Babar and Huma Khan and makeup guru Raana Khan, we go behind the scenes and find out just how they were able to capturing the essence of Spring!
Models gotta chow down

Hanif BIlwani
CEO, Bonanza

What was the design inspiration for the 2014 Satrangi collection?
This year’s design inspiration was Spring itself. You will see a lot of floral prints and vibrantcolours, and we have a dove print outfit that is fantastic. The geometric prints are what I’m personally most excited about. This is the first time we have introduced a print collection in stitched as well as unstitched fabric, so when shooting the campaign we wanted to work with someone who understands the brand. We have worked with NadirFiroz Khan and Maha Burney before, and we call them the dynamic duo. They are very creative and were our obvious first choice. The use of colours, umbrellas and flowers, and the entire theme of the shoot, seem like a celebration of Spring.

Are you happy with the final product?
The final product in terms of prints as well as the campaign has been absolutely wonderful. We feel that there is something for everyone in this print collection; you will see a mixture of short kurti’s as well as long, catering to a wider audience in terms of age group as well as occasion. We have introduced a wrinkle-free collection and the feedback has been just fantastic! We’ve kept the prices really affordable also – you can get a stitched lawn kurti for PKR 1880/- only!

Photography, concept, set, art direction and styling

What did you have in mind when brainstorming for the shoot?
The colour palette of the Bonanza collection was bright and colourful, and we wanted to say “Spring is here” with the campaign too. The idea was to keep the visuals fresh and clean with pops of color. We didn’t want to overburden the set with too many different colors, as we felt that would distract from the prints themselves. For that reason we chose to stay within the orange/red family in terms of the flowers on a predominantly white set, with the occasional use of the yellow or white umbrellas. The umbrellas and white cherry blossom-like trees also brought a Japanese element to the shoot which we then further highlighted vis-à-vis the models styling; pale skin, bright orange and red lips and Japanese inspired buns for the hair. Raana Khan is always on point with hair and makeup and did a great job with the girls.

How did you make the launch event come alive?
For the event I wanted the visual look to relate back to the shoot, almost as if the shoot was brought to life in the event itself, making each guest an active participant in the campaign. I worked closely with Bonanza and the amazingly talented event planners and creative dynamoAmina and Anisa Rashid of RAKA as creative consultants to help translate the visuals of the shoot into the event. The result was a colourful burst of spring flowers in a crisp white space with a beautiful flower wall backdrop for the models with flower covered podiums as well as a mini version of the set itself. Meanwhile Nadir designed the catalog, shopping bags, invite etc so every detail was tied together visually in terms of the branding. Even the cupcake giveaways were colourcoordinated! As always RAKA did an amazing job.

Maha, which prints are you most excited about?

 I love the orange print with the mini doves that I wore to the launch as well as the red and white with the shells that Raana Khan was wearing.

What future collaborations can we look forward to between you and the Bonanza team?
 Bonanza is one of our favorite clients. Not only do they give us complete creative license and a free hand as far as the work goes, but they’resuper supportive throughout the process as well. We’ve been very fortunate to have all our projects with them from Sanam Chaudhri and MaheenKarim’s capsule collections to Satrangi Winter andSatrangi Spring/Summer, which were all very well received. As of now, the next project on the pipeline is Bonanza Lawn, which will be launched in June.

<strongHuma Khan AND Amna Babar

How did the shoot go?
: Working with Bonanza for the second time was amazing. Everyone on set was a familiar face and with talent like Nadir and Maha and Raana you know you are in good hands. It feels like Amna [Babar] and I are a couple because we have been working together so much! Everyone on set was watching us and laughing because all we do is goof around! Our shoot started at 8 AM and went on till late into the night, but when you’re having so much fun it doesn’t feel like work. I did, however, fall asleep on set again!
Amna: I had no time to prepare because I got the call a day before the shoot. I was told to bring my lenses and my hair extensions etc. with me! It was really fun though. I have worked with Nadir before so I know what to expect. Whenever you put Huma and I together, expect us to be goofing around! We were playing with the props and kept cracking up. Maha had to beg us to be serious for the shot!

What is your favourite piece from the collection?
: The green printed lawn outfit I wore in the shoot was my favorite!
Amna: I loved all the colours and prints, but there was this one green outfit Huma wore – that was my favourite!


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