Bags You Need To Get Your Hands On


Bid farewell to those big totes and embrace the new season with these perfect sized bags that will complete every and any look with effortless ease:


The messenger small intrecciato


This classic understated everyday bag is large enough to fit all your essentials, from a perfume bottle, to a makeup pouch depending on your on the go needs. Its comfort and durability is a definite best seller in all respects. Not to mention in Bottega’s rainbow-esque variety, it is available in a number of colors. Which ever entices you the most. We’ve chosen the grey, as summer is drawing to an end, it captures the subtle light grey elegance of a summer day, but not limited to the airs of fall and winter coming up ahead.



Linea A Disco leather trimmed coated canvas shoulder bag


For all the fashionistas adamant on staying current with the latest trends, this Gucci show stopper is a definite winner for a daytime brunch, with the playful floral design on Gucci’s classic print, it incorporates a zest of familiarity with a perfectly floral wow factor. A must buy for the season!


Saint Laurent

Monogrammed small leather shoulder bag


This classy, timeless piece is just ideal as an evening bag. Worn both ways, as a clutch or strung on the shoulder, it is both glitzy and elegant in the same breath. An essential addition to the collection, guaranteed to stay current in all seasons; it truly is an un-regrettable purchase.



The lock small leather bag


This Valentino piece is a perfect mix of classy and trendy. Its versatility as an evening or a day bag depends entirely on what it’s worn with. It works as the perfect bag to just sling around the neck in the daytime over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or chicly strung on the shoulder with a dress in the evening. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for the younger generation in particular.



Micro Peekabo


For people who just need the bare essentials, a phone, maybe a lipstick and some cash, Fendi’s micro peekaboo is by far the most creative accessory to own. It can be attached to any other bag, worn as a belt, or of course on its own! It can brighten up anything with an undeniable oomph factor. The wide variety of designs allow for the personal touch in selection.

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