Hola Espana! : Anam Sardar’s Travel Diaries


Anam Sardar reports back from one of the most beautiful and fun countries in the world, Spain! Have a look:

Goudi’s architectural master piece on Passeige de Grácia:


After a long hike and getting lost, we finally made it to the Bunkers Del Carmen to watch the beautiful Barcelona sunset!

IMG_9226 (1)

The breathtaking Sagrada Família:

IMG_9227 (1)

How can one not enjoy a night of tapas when in Spain?!


IMG_9229 IMG_9231

Enjoying the view from Montjuic in Barcelona on a perfect sunny afternoon!


Sightseeing at the Olympic Stadium:

IMG_9235 (1)

Because selfie is a must! Sherry and I:

IMG_9236 (1)

Traveling old school with intuition and maps! Everyone should experience the fun of getting lost in a foreign city!

IMG_9237 (1)

Mount Tibidabo Adventures!

IMG_9254 (1)

Roaming the most adorable streets of Seville. It feels like walking inside a story book and playing out your own fantasy!

IMG_9257 (1) IMG_9258 (1)

Getting touristy on the Ferris Wheel on Mount Tibidabo!

IMG_9267 (1)

The view from Alhambra in Granada


Climbing random trees while we find our way to the old town in Granada


Food. Food. Lots of yummy food!


IMG_9275 IMG_9274 IMG_9273 IMG_9272IMG_9271

Strolling through the bazaar in Granada


Sunset in Granada










Sherry enjoying the water fountain in a small park in the old town of Granada!


Took a pit stop in Italica which is a well preserved Roman city and the birthplace of Roman Emperors Trajan and Harian:

IMG_9260 (1)

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