What was the design philosophy of this collection?
This is a capsule collection, which has heavily gem-encrusted pieces that are reminiscent of royal regalia. The lilac shadow Swarovski features strongly in this collection, and is incorporated within intricately detailed embellishments. The cuts are grand but streamlined, accentuated at the waist by satin and filigreed belts, and the mood is elegant with an underlying sensuality.

What is the concept for the shoot?
The clothes, with their extraordinary detail and ornamentation, looked and felt befitting for royal women known for their grandeur and lavish lifestyles. We choose an abandoned warehouse as a backdrop and Rabia Butt is an ethereal eastern looking beauty that helped bring our concept to life.

Which evening wear trend do you want to see die this year?
I want to see less of the border ghotti format. It’s boring and extremely dated.

Which silhouette do you want to see more of this year?
I want to see everything go shorter; sari’s, shirts, lehngas that are ankle grazing. I also want to see silhouettes streamlined and sleeker cuts.


What was the concept of the shoot?
The concept of the shoot was to highlight the detailed hard work put in Élan’s bridal designs through creative dramatic lighting, and to make it look like shots of Rabia Butt taken during some imaginary movie shoot.

Any funny stories whilst shooting?
Discovering that Rabia is a little scared of animals. But eventually she got a hold of this rare fear!

Was the brand particular about any one thing?
The team at Élan and Khadijah Shah were extremely supportive and gave me an absolute free hand to do what I wanted to do in the given time frame.

Was there any particular song that played throughout?
I am not very fond of loud music or any music as such during shoot. The shooter and the subject should connect with each other without any external distractions. So unfortunately, I had everyone sitting in silence after a while. Luckily, the whole team was supportive and understood my workflow.


How do you feel you relate to the brand?
The brand is feminine, and always in the know about current trend. The designer knows what the modern woman wants.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the shoot?
Khadijah wanted the clothes perfect for the campaign and in order to achieve that she limited my movement so that the clothes would remain crease-less. However, I wish there was a behind the scenes video of me turning into a robot… It cracked me up! The clothes did turn out perfect in the shoot, which was the goal.


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