Behind the Scenes with Mina Hasan


We head to Dubai to get all the scoop from the Mina Hasan luxury pret shoot, starring Bollywood sensation Karisma Kapoor




What was the design philosophy of this particular collection?

This time around, we have created a collection of affordable luxury wear. Using different embroidery techniques on pure silks and chiffons, these unstitched fabrics are perfect for this Eid season! Predominantly inspired by the spring bloom, we have experimented with hydrangeas, cherry blossoms and heliconias and used them with different elements.

What made you go with Karisma Kapoor for this shoot? How was your experience?

We wanted a face which represents the same poise and sophistication we associate with our luxe embroidered fabrics. Karisma was a great choice for this. She was perfectly easy-going and very down to earth.

What trend do you want to see die this year?

Too many animals on the same outfit!

Which silhouette do you want to see more of this year?

Flared, feminine trousers.

What is your personal favourite piece from this collection?

I love white, so I would have to say the two white outfits.





What was the concept of the shoot?

The focus of the shoot was high-end luxury with an aura of comfort.

What was the most memorable moment from the shoot?

Karisma’s hair stylist, Pompy, was our on-set comedian!

Was the designer particular about any one thing?

I was familiar with the brands design aesthetic and company ethos before the shoot, so I had an idea of where to go with it. They wanted to keep things both luxurious and laid back.

Personal favourite shot?

Karisma in the peach outfit.




How was your experience working with Mina Hasan? How did this project come to life?

My agent initially contacted me about this project, and when I saw Mina Hasan’s work I knew I had to do it!

How do you relate to the brand? How does it feel working with a Pakistani designer?

I love that Pakistani fashion is so similar to Indian, yet it has it’s own individuality and uniqueness. I loved that all the pieces in this collection were so feminine and wearable!

What was your favourite outfit?

The pistachio green, and black and white outfits.

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