Dining at Delish


After hearing rave reviews, I decided to try out the much talked about new bakery in Lahore, Delish! They have recently opened up a charming space on the ground floor in Gulberg Galleria on Main Boulevard, and everyone with a sweet tooth has already headed over to indulge!


Chimmichurri Wrap

The first thing to note it the endless variety of choices! From some of the most beautiful cakes and decadent desserts to ideal teatime savouries and some healthy options, it was difficult to decide on the few items to taste from. I had already tried their desserts before heading over (I have my ways) and knew the desert menu was going to be a win win no matter what I went with, but to kick off the meal I had to be wise. The first thing I tried were the assorted dips; with a variety of flavours to enjoy – from artichoke to beetroot hummus, tzatziki and salsa! This item is the perfect starter and best shared so everyone can get a taste. My favourites were the beetroot hummus, which was airy and packed with flavour, and the zingy salsa, which had just the right kick of heat. The best part was that each of the dips were light and fresh and didn’t leave you feeling too full.

Assorted Dips

Barbeque Chicken Panini

Next I ordered the barbecue chicken Panini and the Chimichurri wrap. The barbecue sauce was tangy and spot on, and the warm bread combined with the filling culminated for the ultimate snack! I had heard so much about the Chimichurri wrap that event though I was trying to save room for dessert, I couldn’t resist it. The zesty sauce gave the wrap a spicy zing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who isnt afraid to play with their flavour palette!


Fruit Cake

Even though I was beyond satisfied with my meal, I had to save room for the best part of the meal, and the part Delish is most famous for. I had to go for the cronut; which have taken the world by storm and now Lahore too. There was a selection between sugar glazed and chocolate covered, so to be fair I had to have both – and let me tell you, that was a good idea! The famous cross between a croissant and doughnut was a delightful treat; Fluffy, sweet and wholesome, these mouthwatering tiny treats cannot be missed! And yes, I was now bursting at the brim, but that didn’t mean I was ready to call it quits. I took home the brownies and cookies, which are dessert staples and can easily be underwhelming. These were well worth the late night snack, as they are probably some of the best in Lahore! Baked to perfection, these sweet desserts are the epitome of comfort food.



All in all, I had a wonderful experience and would recommend it for anyone looking to enjoy a light snack and indulge in a little calorie overload.

Written By: Tubah Zafar


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