Behind the Scenes with Layla Chatoor



We go behind the scenes for Layla Chatoor’s fabulous new Summer resort collection, Liberte. From bun kebabs to roof top shenanigans, we have all the scoop!




What is the design philosophy of this particular collection?

The collection is inspired by Coachella, a music festival that is as known for its style as its sounds. I love the boho-chic vibe at Coachella and the fact that it’s a place where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate and have fun. Liberte has a laid-back yet luxe feel; I’ve combined modern silhouettes with lace, prints and subtle beading for a luxurious yet free-spirited feel.

What is the concept for the shoot this year?

Coachella is an event that segues from day to night and I wanted to explore that aspect in this shoot, challenging the conventional perception of a festival by channeling an edgier mood.

What made you go with Nooray and Imaan for this shoot?

I wanted a celebrity model and a newer face to reflect all the various types of people that you will see at Coachella.

What trend do you want to see die this year?

Ball skirts – they’re so over.

Which is your favourite outfit from the collection?

I love all of them! There’s something for every mood.

Which silhouette do you want to see more of this year?

Shorter shirts with boot cut or flared pants, along other cuts, like culottes, to suit varying body types.

Tell us about something funny that happened at the shoot?

I had picked up a gorgeous silver gypsy style belt that I wanted to use but Nooray’s waist was smaller than the tightest setting. We ended up tying the belt onto her! We didn’t let her eat a thing until she was done with that shot, and then we treated her with bun kebabs from Flamingo, which is something she loves to eat when in Karachi.



Photo 12-04-2016, 3 56 43 PM (1)

What was the concept of the shoot?

We wanted a shoot that was unusual, different and modern. The clothes have two distinct moods – a fun summery side and then deeper, moodier black pieces. We wanted to echo that with light and shade.

What was the funniest thing that happened?

Every time I started giving fashion tutorials, everybody kept disappearing on me! It was a mission to gather them all and set the mood right.

Was the brand particular about any one thing?

Layla is great to work with; she’s very warm and friendly, though she does have a very definite vision for her brand. She is really focused on details and wanted finesse, but was happy to let me explore the concept creatively in my own way.

Song(s) on repeat during the shoot:

Summer by Calvin Harris.




How was your experience working with Layla Chatoor?

It was great working with Layla; she’s very professional and very warm. I feel it matters a lot that people take care of each other. Layla provided an excellent environment, which really let me focus on my work. I felt very pampered; I remember saying I felt like having bun kebabs, and her team actually sent someone to get them!

Photo 12-04-2016, 6 46 29 PM

How do you feel you relate to the brand?

This is a fabulous summery collection with a very resort feel. It’s fresh, chic and versatile – with some pieces you can wear to a Valima and others that are perfect for a posh beach party.

What was the most memorable thing that happened on the shoot?

Rizwan actually had us standing on the edge of the roof for some of the shots, which freaked me out! But, the pictures turned out amazing, so it was worth it.

What was your favourite outfit?

There was one that had pants with a skirt on top of it, which was worn with a crop top. It was really cool and original, and you could style it in so many different ways!

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