Behind the Scenes with Suffuse by Sana Yasir


From dancing peacocks to landing up at the Indian boarder, we go behind the scenes with Suffuse’s super fun shoot:



What is the design philosophy of this particular collection?
Summers are my favourite time of the year as I love pastels, florals and embroidery – all which embody the summer wardrobe. This time around we created something very unique yet wearable, with our in house embroidery, embroidered fabrics, printed silk duppattas and screen printed pants. This collection is young and fresh and perfect for the new season.

What is the concept for the shoot this year?
I love the outdoors, so this stunning farmhouse was perfect for us. I wanted the pretty pastel colors to stand out against the natural green background.

What made you go with Amna Baber for this shoot?
Amna is just so stunning, and knows how to carry any outfit. She is always so much fun to work with and so natural in front of the camera.
What trend do you want to see die this year?
Capes! Please ladies, say no to capes.

Which silhouette do you want to see more of this year?
Definitely loose and flowey cuts.

Tell us about something exciting/funny/disastrous that happened at the shoot?
We had no internet whatsoever ! Only Amna’s phone was working, so thanks to Warid, we were able to connect our phones to her internet so we could post BTS images and Snapchat videos.




How was your experience working with Suffuse?
It was my third time shooting with Sana, and its always a pleasure working with her. She is very sweet and humble, and the clothes are always breathtaking.

How do you feel you relate to the brand?
I was part of their first official shoot a long time back, and to see the way Sana has been working and evolving her brand is amazing! It feels great to be a part of that.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the shoot?
The peacocks were dancing in a cage after seeing some of my moves! I guess he was impressed by me or may be impressed by the Suffuse outfits hahaha, but he was totally ready to be part of the fun!

Was there any particular song that played throughout the shoot?
Champion by DJ Bravo was on repeat the whole day.

What was your favourite outfit?

I honestly can’t decide. I loved each and every piece.




What was the concept of the shoot?
The concept of shoot was planned to capture the true essence of nature. As florals are a part of natural beauty, we wanted to connect that with each Suffuse outfit. We wanted to depict a dreamy, yet natural environment.

What was the funniest thing that happened?

Finding the shoot location before hand was the most hilarious part, as we lost track of where we were and almost hit the Indian boarder.

Was the brand particular about any one thing?

Sana was particular about absolute elegance and simplicity. The collection has everything to offer to keep up with our modern lifestyle, and we wanted that to be showcased.

What was your favourite shot?

Although we were able to capture many amazing shots, as Amna Babar did a fabulous job, there is one scintillating shot which touched our hearts as it depicts enormous serenity. The picture portrays Amna wearing a pastel yellow dress with her eyes closed and her face pointed towards the sky. It speaks a lot of words, yet is simple and elegant – therefore it gets my full points!

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