Myth Busters: Fitness in 42 Days


The brains - and brawn - behind the 42 Day Challenge are here to set the record straight. Nusrat Hidayatullah and Torsam Tajik bring you the facts about Pakistan’s biggest weight loss program:


“The 42 Day Challenge is a class with 400 people and just 2 trainers. That’s impossible odds!”

FACT: A boot camp program is very different from personal training, and anyone who signs up knows they are not coming in for one-on-one classes. Our sessions in Karachi have sometimes been upwards of 700 people, but we have an experienced team of supplementary trainers on hand to ensure that all our clients are working out and losing weight in a safe and healthy fashion. In fact, many people claim it is the atmosphere of the group workout itself – hundreds of people powering through together – that gets them in the zone and pumps them up!


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“HIIT in such boot camps leads to injuries and sometimes we ladies can’t walk in heels”

FACT: Our program caters to clients with all body types, who may be at different points in their workout lives. Some may have never worked out before while others may be fitness freaks. Some may have been athletes when in school but are now couch potatoes. However, when trying to give your life a kick start, there will be some pain. First timers often complain that it’s hard getting off the toilet seat during the first week, but realize it’s all worth it when they look at themselves in the mirror six weeks later. Note to self: try not to confuse pain with injury!


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“Such boot camps are similar to fad diets – you lose weight while you do them but it’s not sustainable”

FACT: Now, while we can’t speak for other programs, what we can tell you is that the 42DC offers each client a CD with workouts that they can do at home so that they can continue to work towards achieving their goal. We even put our clients on maintenance plans that allow for a more sustainable lifestyle change. Cheat meals become cheat days and detox days become low carb days. But hey, if you still want our drill sergeants coming down hard on you each time to make sure to get that final push up out, feel free to come back for more sessions.


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“It’s not humanly, scientifically, or medically possible to get ripped in 6 weeks!”

FACT: Yes, you are right. Most of our clients may not achieve their desired goals in 6 weeks, especially those with extremely high body fat percentages coupled with never having worked out before. But we have seen some real miracles during our workouts too: clients shedding 18 KG’s, dropping double digits in body fat percentages, losing inches from their waist and hips like it’s going out of style (pun intended)! We don’t promise that you will look in a mirror and see a supermodel standing there, but we do promise a healthier, fitter version of yourself.


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“Such large boot camps are now awaami. There are just so many randoms everywhere…”

FACT: Once again, yes you are right! If you can pay to play, and restrain yourself from staring uncontrollably, the challenge is just the place for you. We get people from all walks of life, with different cultural beliefs and identities. From disco maulvi’s, to captains of industry, to girls who work out in full on burqas, and those that do burpees in sports bras – we do not discriminate. And you know what’s crazy? We’re damn proud of it!


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