Being fit is all the rage this summer and the 42 Day Challenge has become the go to spot to for getting in shape! So here we have the lovely and determined Nida Bano updating us with her weekly experience during the 42 Day Challenge:

Day 1: Wearing a sari a night before the Challenge began was a great way of showing me and others (unfortunately) exactly where all my bulges were :/ Great motivator.

Today, I was reunited with my arch nemesis squat jumps and the infamous jack asses (I.e . jack knives)

Then there was a guy there who danced a little during the warm up…ah the benefits of working out in a group of 200!

Day 2: And the soreness begins. Thighs. Are. So. Sore! Walking like a robot from a 90s movie, not very attractive. But as the cliché goes, no pain, no gain! Bring it on!

The enthusiasm wears off as the end of the day approaches. Note to self: Must not laugh. Must not sneeze. Feel like a dog wearing the electric collar that sends awful shocks through the body each time it barks. Not Fun.

Relief comes in the form of a dish covered in foil with a bright pink sticky note on it that reads “Dear Nida, some neighbourly love. Enjoy!” Oh My Lord … The devil comes in all shapes and sizes and they are moments I give in. This was one of them. Cinnamon rolls in the most divine syrup. So yes, I cheated … Just a tad bit okay! … 2 spoons only. I promise! But I’ll be good after this.

Class was gruelling. Sweated bucket loads. TMI? No, this is real life people and its august. The humidity clearly isn’t anyone’s friend. Today was weights day and we did isometric squats, push-ups, squat jumps, you name it. Post work out the only conversation I could make for an hour was letting out a moan or a groan. Who ever said things were easier the second time over? Please introduce me to him/her. I would like to put my tiny new built muscles to some use.

Day 3: My legs feel as if they’re made of lead. My shoulders are stiff as a board. Thank you weights. The jack asses I seemed to have befriended today. Score! Chose the spot smack in front of this windmill of a fan. Love you 42 day people! May you be blessed with countless calorie free brownies and chocolates for bringing in these. I could swear I felt a tiny pack develop in my stomach. One of the first 6, hurrah! Don’t disillusion me and say it isn’t possible. Pfft.

Day 4: The soreness is a million times better today. Phew.

Good old monsoon is also around once more. It’s been raining all day off and on. As someone quipped, “It’s London, in Lahore!” … Err not really. But what I did hope for a teensy bit was for class to be postponed but of course I pulled on those slacks and sneakers and to my amazement I found a 100% turnout despite the rain. Booyah!

But my mat on the wet floor was squishing a bit as was everyone else’s. But that was relatively okay. It’s boot camp after all. But this girl on my right kept thumping her feet on the ground and splashing water on my track pants. Hello?? ‘ FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY LADY’

And why do Pakistani’s love to stare? Blatant, in your face, awkward stares. Sheesh people. I get people-watching may be fun but staring is just plain weird. Do it but at least do it in a smart manner so you’re not caught. This same girl would every few minutes turn around and just stare. Almost as if you turn your head in prayer to the right and then the left. We’re not your guardian angels, woman! Why? Beats me. Checked my neck line, nothing showing. Hair check, all good. Nopes, nothing’s wrong, except her.

I’m also convinced my arms are made of jelly. There’s no other explanation as to why I just can’t pull of more than 5 push ups! First few (with my knees bent on the mat. There’s no shame in admitting that. Still a novice second time over. It takes time, okay!) are pretty good if I may say so myself. The rest. Let’s not talk about those.
Day 5: Today started off on a great note. I could sit down and climb the stairs with no aches or pains what so ever. Hallelujah! I have arrived!

Nusrat had flown in from Karachi to conduct the class herself today. My God! She’s fit! And then some.

About 40 mins of squat jumps made me liken myself to an over ambitious jolly frog. The only frog legs I like are the ones buttered with some salt, lemon and garlic. Some parsley on top wouldn’t hurt. And the smells of garlic mayo fries wafting in from the exhaust from the food hall below weren’t really helping me stay focused on the countless painful jumps. Think of those sexy legs, Nida. It’s worth it! You can do it! Got me through 5 more reps before stopping once again.

Day 6: Cheat meal day!! Hurrah! And this of course calls for my all time favourite high in carbs, bloating and satisfaction meal … The king of desi food … biryani. And boy did I have a go at it. It was me saying to the biryani “I love you like a fat kid loves cake.” Nom nom.

Stay tuned to Sunday for Nida’s second week experience and progress and let us hear your experiences and FITNESS plans for this season!

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