Here’s Nida Bano’s Week 3 update and progress during the 42 day challenge:

-Day 1:

A further inch down. Hallelujah!

Kanye’s song ‘power’ was the perfect song to start a great workout. It set the mood for kicking some serious butt in class. It was followed up with “work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger” heck yes! It got us pushing through the pain. Have to say in general the music has been great this time round (and no not because of Kanye) and what a game changer that is.

-Day 2:

I was a pro at squat jumps today if I may say so myself. It was like I had springs beneath my feet. Even Bilal, the instructor gave a wide toothy grin with two thumbs up to me on those! *happy dance* However, to the extra friendly guy to the left of me who got told off by Bilal at least 8 times in 10 minutes (do the maths) spare me the need for you to tell me how to do my lunge jumps. I’m doing just fine. Just focus on how much you suck. Cheers. Always a bad apple there to try to ruin the perfectly good batch.

-Day 3:

After running in late to class I quickly grabbed my weights and took a spot in front of the blaring speakers (that’s what you get when you’re late). I still felt like I was on a cricket pitch with the boys shouting out “bohaut aalaaa, Bohaut aalaaaa” much like Moin Khan shouted “shabaaa shabaaash”behind the cricket stumps. The comradery was quite touching haha.

-Day 4:

This post is dedicated to:


Quite frankly, nothing. I’ve been watching her come in her workout ready attire, high pony, weights by her side and a stern look that screams I mean business for over three weeks now. She does ONE rep of each exercise and then just stands exhausted. I. Kid. You. Not. And that too I feel I’m watching her in slow motion and everyone else in super fast forward mode. Sheesh. But I applaud her for her effort for coming in everyday without fail. That takes commitment. I just hope that one rep increases to one set soon.

-Day 5:

“its raining, it’s pouring. The old man is snoring.”

This is the nursery rhyme we sang as children when ever it rained and we couldn’t go out and play. Well not much has changed and my sentiments remain the same twenty years later. Bummer that it’s been pouring consecutively for over five hours which means obviously, no class :(

-Day 6:

The one day’s break had done everyone some good. Everyone started off sprightly but it ended with the same scene. A tragic scene from a casualty ward. Why does that feel so good though?!

-Day 7:

I recently read an article about the people of Hunza and how they live to about 120 years! One of the secrets is that they believe “an excellent way to regenerate your organism and give your digestive system a rest is to fast, or drink only juice, for one day a week.” Sound familiar?! That said, this beetroot elixir of life fast is not easy. You feel you may die at any point. And the headaches! Awful! At least for me.
But we’re halfway through!!

Some healthy meals!

Grilled Red Snapper.. YUM!

Chicken Stir Fry

Stay tuned for Nida Bano’s next week update and progress!

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