Here is Nida Bano’s Week 2 update and progress as she continues the 42 Day Challenge:

Day 1: *drum roll* It’s measuring day and I’m 1 1/2 kg down. Lost half an inch in most places and 1 1/2 inch on my stomach! I change my mind, I love jack knives!

Vomited a bit post class. This means I’m doing it right apparently! As for the extra efficient people in class who actually exercise even in the 10 seconds breaks we seldom get … What are you on?

The cardio workout was intense. Class ended and it looked like a tragic scene from a causality ward of a hospital.

Day 2: Let’s start with the new fashion statement of 2015 as discovered in class today. Boys, ditch your workout headbands and instead control your luscious locks but with cool cat, just rolled out of bed sexy night eye mask! This guy was serious about nothing coming in his way! And actually managed to pull it off. Respect.

Girls, loose tights, a long Kameez and a flowing dupatta lightly tied at the back should now be your go to ‘comfort’ workout gear!

And the ones who are already super fit and could be cast as cat woman in their gym perfect work out gear? You’re just trying to make the rest of us ordinary people look bad!

Day 3: We sucked today! Big time. We were that class that teachers hate to teach. Just not performing up to the mark and some were hooting when the lights briefly went out till the generator kicked in (still 10 years old?  Apparently she is but a number). But harmless fun aside the wretched muscles and stamina we had worked so hard on had seemed to altogether quit on us. The deceptive little monsters! Not fair!

Day 4: Dear fellow 42 challengers,

You’re neither Nadal nor Serena that you make all those sounds when exercising. We get the exercises are tough; believe me we do but you’re not all that good to be making all that noise.


Concerned challenger

Day 5: Happy Independence Day! #bleedgreen #lovepakistan

Holiday! No work out. Hurrah! By the evening I was missing it and thought I’d do something at home but decided to take the day off. My calves and arms were hurting and thought that a rest day would do them some good. It did.

Day 6: It’s cheat meal day!

For breakfast I kept it light with a twist in my usual egg white omelette. Put some wilted spinach, tomatoes, low fat cottage cheese and a sprinkle of red chillies. My husband loved it and I got a spin on my usual eggs.

Then the girls and I as per our Saturday ritual, met up for lunch. I’d been looking forward to biting into that all too juicy burger with the most tender meat and warm crisp fries on the side. But most of all, to that amazing olive bread Cosa serves with the sun dried tomatoes topping. Yum! But you know what? When the burger arrived I wasn’t so keen on digging into all those unnecessary processed carbs. Who would have thought?! So I did what I usually do, ditched the bun on top that I had ordered in whole-wheat bread by the way. The 42-day challenge has converted me! Even on cheat meal day I want to take the healthier route! Touché 42 day people!

Followed that up with a heavenly chocolate cherry bombe :D  it is a cheat meal after all!!

Day 7: Held strong for the day. Quite frankly, I love starting the day with a healthy detoxifying juice. I already have lemon in hot water on a daily basis but this just makes me feel that much cleaner on the inside. As Kareena Kapoor says in the green tea albeit annoying ad “Andar waala snaan!” The day goes by okay. It’s at tea time I feel like digging into a bowl of biryani or a juicy steak but the only juice I was getting was a beetroot and apple blended one! My stomach grumbles but I flex those hard earned muscles …

“Only the strong survive”!

Stayed tuned for Nida’s next week update and progress!

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