We asked our favorite fitness gurus what we should and should not do this wedding season to stay fit, here are their answers:

Salina Taqi

Yoga Instructor & Co-Founder of The Ultimate Detox

If I’ve over-indulged, the next day I try cutting down on my carbs intake and try replacing a meal with a power smoothie or then a juice and have a soup for dinner!

I try getting some sun salutations in the morning and add some powerful yoga poses such a warrior 1 & warrior 2 and get into a head stand to energise my body! Or else it gets very tough for me to sail through the day with a baby and work.

I am a yoga teacher and I really believe in conserving energy, I try not being out too late and over indulging! To do would be to eat a nutritious meal before you leave so you don’t eat empty calories and a big no no would be letting go, just cause you over indulged once doesn’t mean you get off track!

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Amafah Mubashir

Yoga Instructor

During wedding season most people skip out on their usual fitness routine, getting caught in the festivities etc. Between your job and getting ready for celebrations at night, there is barely anytime to squeeze in time for yourself. Most people convince themselves that if they cant fit in a complete hour or so of working out, they wont workout at all. However, fifteen minutes of activity is better than none. Taking that time out for yourself is important not just for your physical well-being but also your mental sanity.

Once you know that your activity during the wedding season will be low, be a bit cautious about what your eating and in what quantity. No matter what your tell yourself at the beginning of the night, a plate of biryani, kebabs and sheermaal etc will make its way in front of you, followed by warm gulaab jamuns of course. There is no need to deprive yourself of this, just keep an eye on your portions, and eat slowly so that you know when your full.


Stay Hydrated: Our brains can confuse thirst for hunger, drinking a glass or two of water before a meal can reduce the chances of overeating.

Be mindful: Eat, move and sleep mindfully. Enjoy the taste of your food, as you eat slowly. Listen to your body and take a short walk around the office if you’ve been at your desk for too long or if you feel stiff. Know your limits and rest when your body is fatigued.

Plan it out: Plan your workouts for the week and note them in your schedule to make sure you dont skip, remember that some exercise is better than none.

Connect with technology: Download one of the million fitness apps there are out there that provide you at home workouts, and calorie counters.

Don’t skip your time for yourself: Whether it comes to getting a good nights rest or fifteen minutes of running on that treadmill in the morning.

Don’t get lazy: Take the stairs, or park your car a little further away in the parking lot. This way you’ll be sneaking in activity into your routine.

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Hisham Bokhari

CrossFit Athlete

I’d be fooling myself if I asked you guys to diet during the wedding season, all you need to do is track your macros(protein, carbs and fats) guys, it’s all about calories in versus calories out. As long as your taking in the amount your body needs for maintenance you won’t gain or loose weight, anything in a deficit you loose weight vice versa . Try getting a workout in be it 10 mins or 30 mins but as long as your tracking your macros there’s nothing stopping You from enjoying all the food and staying sane.
Do not compromise on your sleep guys, on average we all need about 6-8 hours of sleep, remember less sleep leads to overeating resulting in weight gain which defeats the purpose

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Bilal Tariq

Founder and head coach at CrossFit BootCamp Karachi

I’ll share the same tip with you that I give to all my clients – “Maintain Discipline”. Whether it’s; indulging in the food, late nights or partying, don’t go all out.

If you want to try the delicious food, then limit your servings, fill up on grilled lean meat and walk away from the dessert counter (it ain’t worth it). Listen to your body before saying yes to another late night, if it’s exhausted, then call it a night and get a good nights sleep. Trust me, the world won’t crumble. Lastly, if you need a drink or two to enjoy a party, then don’t forget to hydrate with a lot of water.

No mater how busy your schedule is, prioritise your workout, even if it lasts 30 mins. As long as you are involved in activities that raise your heart beat and help break a sweat, your body won’t feel give up on you.

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Saba Rana

Marketing Director at 180 Degrees Lahore

In the midst of all the madness, firstly make sure you have a healthy breakfast. Try to include oatmeal with a few almonds and blueberries or egg whites omelette with bran bread and coffee. Strike up your meditation, massage or any relaxation ritual that helps induce that blissful slumber a few notches as you can’t be walking around with those puffy eyes or dark circles. You want to show up & dazzle so get your sleep.

Secondly don’t skip your regular supplements, vitamin c, etc. It is important to keep your immune system strong!

Thirdly, make sure you get your daily fill of vegetables yummy salads etc. Have a fistful of fruit before early dinner, preferably 7 pm (Do try not to have carbs past 5 pm) so that when you reach a wedding or a party by the time dinner is served you’re not famished.

Last but not the least. Do try to get in a workout daily, even just going for a run is good enough and helps you de-stress. If however you don’t get time, then please dance the night away to every, Bhangra, disco, techno, desi or house beat!

So are you ready to stay fit this wedding season? WE ARE!

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