Tell us a little about your latest single, Jo Tu Na Mila, which recently release in India.
Jo Tu Na Mila is my new single that stars Iqra Aziz and is directed by Yasir Jaswal. It’s released by Universal music India through their platform VYRL Originals that supports independent original music. It has been released worldwide with a huge release in both Pakistan and India. The support and love it has been getting is immense and in the first week we have crossed about 15 million weeks. It has been trending all over and I am really happy with how it is doing all over.

What is your creative process like? From writing the lyrics, to composition and then coming up with an video – take us through the journey for this particular single.
When you are working on a song sometimes you know it’s going to be a single and sometimes you don’t! I firstly focus on the melody of the song because I feel melody is king. Then I simultaneously work on the arrangement and the production to give the whole thing a little shape and structure. I try to get a demo because I believe anything that is not pleasing to hear cannot be put out there as it will not carry that energy and vibe. Then my final take are the lyrics, which I keep for last as they are the most important aspect. After that we mix and master the audio, once everything is good to go we then work on the video. I usually give the directors a free reign on the concept and trust them to come up with their best.

Many people have commented on the powerful lyrics of the song. What is the most personal piece you’ve ever written?
I am glad that people are really relating to the lyrics of the song and a special shout out to Kunaal Verma the lyricist who has worked on this with. My song called “Khwahish” that I released about a year ago is the most personal piece that I have written myself.

How easy, or difficulty is it to share and express your emotions through music?
I feel like for me writing a song, making a melody and coming up with an idea all depends on the vibe and the time. Sometimes I will sit down and come up with something and after half an hour I would still be nowhere and sometimes I will sit down and in the next 5 minutes I would have the whole song jotted down. Through an artists perspective sometimes it s easy and sometimes it is difficult usually depending on the mood and setting you are in.

Do you ever feel exposed or vulnerable?
Yes of course! There are so many things especially in this profession that make you vulnerable and that are what makes you human. Nonetheless this is what we have signed up for and I agree with that. I feel like I am smart enough to know this all before as I grew up in a musical family. Seeing everything happens in front of me it makes me understand how things work and put your insecurities aside. This does happen because to some extent we are public properties it might not be right but its just what it comes with. I like to weigh the positive aspect more and feel blessed with what I have been given.


How have you grown as an artist/singer? Both personally and through your work
Every passing day I try to grow as an artist and singer and most importantly as a human. That will automatically evolve me as an artist. With time and experiences everything will fall into place eventually with your soul growing. You just growing as person makes you develop in whatever field you are in and that is why I take it to the roots and keep trying.

Coming back to the creative process – tell us a little about filing the video. What vision did you have in mind and how did you execute it so.
When we were ready to start working on the video I spoke to my team at Universal Music India and we decided that we would like to give it a shot with Yasir Jaswal and see how he could come up with something regarding the song. I had a chat with him and he lived with the song for a few days and came up with a few concepts for it. This concept we did was the one we really liked and it was so simple yet relatable that without being shot it was easy to connect with. We didn’t want to over do it and kept it very subtle and edgy. In the end our aim was to keep it as relatable as possible as it was not real. We just wanted to see what are the moments in life that concept us. It had a message that you need to move on and the beauty of life just destroys if you do not move forward.

Working across borders can be rewarding and equally cause some backlash. How was this experience? What did you take away that you would want viewers to understand as well. Keeping in mind we have a few extremists in every part of the world you do see some backlash with certain things when these two countries are involbed. Luckily this time it has been a total opposite to this and it has been such an amazing journey special thanks to my team back in India. I feel like during a short span of time we have become a close family and it feels beautiful to build this level of trust and a relationship with them. I think that is the key to any venture in life. The response has been so huge and great and I am really excited to where this will go in the coming weeks. Its beautiful how music and art unites us.

What’s next for you? Will we see you dive into different creative fields?
I feel like only God knows because I have always been instinctive and spontaneous in my life with things. Nothing to special, I will always try to keep the same procedure in life that is to stay true to myself, my art and to stay focused. Just keep working hard and you will be rewarded. I can’t really say about the creative fields as I am a very moody person when it comes to picking jobs. At this point I am really enjoying my music and nowadays I am working on new music. Trying to give the best product out for my fans and everyone out there.

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