Describe your design philosophy.
Founded in 2002, Ammara Khan is a couture house renowned for its signature focus on luxury, exquisite workmanship and harmonious blend of the contemporary and classic.

What is the inspiration behind this collection?
This collection is inspired by a memorable moonlit rendezvous, in the wild garden of a bygone September. It marks the beginning of an eternal love. There’s a wisp of hyacinth in the crisp air, a sweet sound of nighttime creatures and a slight shuffle as the trees sway to the songs of the wind. The silver moonbeams caress the wisteria and the weeping willows, and the stars twinkle to the melody of the stream.

Who is the Ammara Khan woman?
Our designs are for women who have a love and understanding for couture. They invest in our creations and value them as art. They have the discerning eye to appreciate the minute details and the fine craftsmanship of each piece that is made at our atelier.

What are the price points like of this collection?
Price points vary depending on the choice of fabrics and the embellishment details. However, upon much request by our patrons we have introduced an eveningwear Luxe Formal range that is more wearable, yet bearing the signature Ammara Khan aesthetic, quality and uniqueness. This offering Is limited edition and presented seasonally.

Describe your design aesthetic in three words.
Luxurious. Timeless. Ornate.

Why did you decide to go with Fouzia Aman as your model?
Fouzia is one of the top models of Pakistan. The grace and ease with which she carried my finale gown at PFDC bridal Week made me an instant admirer. I was sure she would bring the same poise to my still photographs and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result of this shoot.

What styling and beauty looks did you keep in mind for the shoot?
Soft dewy makeup and voluminous hair. We added bold lips for instant glamour.

Which fashion trend do you want to see die this season?
I’m not a fan of peek-a-boo sleeves.

What is your favourite silhouette this season?
I am really enjoying the freshness of the shorter hemlines, both for my luxe formals and my bridalcollection. The contemporary shalwar we have re-introduced is also quite lovely and flattering to most body types.

Personal fav. outfit from collection?
It’s called “Yousaf’s Swan” and is made with real pigeon feathers. It took me many sleepless nights to finally come up with the concept and design of this dress. I named it after Yousaf Shahbaz, a dear friend who inspired me.

Fahim Ahmad

What was the concept of the shoot?
The whole theme, from lighting to poses, was focused on a romantic moment bathed in moonbeams. We wanted the ambiance of a garden at nighttime to come through.

Was Ammara particular about any one thing?
She insisted that I should be creative with the photography; nothing run of the mill would suffice. Also, Ammara’s perfectionism shows in her work and so she ensured the exquisiteness of her creations should look impeccable.

What was your favorite shot?
My favourite shot was of the outfit ‘Enchanted September’ [the outfit is pictured on previous page]. It was a challenge photographing this dress because it’s a masterpiece that seems to have a life of it’s own, ranging from the overwhelming scale to each minute crystal.


Fouzia Aman

How was your experience working with Ammara Khan?
It was an amazing experience. Ammara is a lovely and friendly person and we had a great time.

How do you feel you relate to the brand?
Ammara is a perfectionist. I respect the l hard work that she puts into a project and since I myself strive for excellence in my work, I can relate to her style.

What was the funniest thing that happened on set?
My love for the biryani at her house was quite funny. I ate a lot, and though the cook was on probation, the biryani surely earned him extra points!

Was there any particular song that played throughout the shoot?
It was a rainy day so the sound of the rain provided a beautiful background melody.

What was your favourite outfit?
The finale gown called “Enchanted September.” It was a dream gown. I wanted to be a bride again, just to wear that dress!

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