Bridging The Gap Between Patients And Doctors Through Technology

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Artificial intelligence powers online doctor chats

Whenever it comes to visiting a doctor, what comes to mind is the hassle of booking an appointment, long waiting time, and the financial cost associated with it. The thought of chatting with a doctor from the ease of your home, that too free-or-charge sounds like something that is too good to be true.

This is what Your Doctors Online (YDO) provides. The online platform has been designed to help people share their questions with qualified doctors who can provide genuine medical advice.


Anyone can consult a doctor

Nauman Jaffar, a Pakistani-Canadian entrepreneur founded YDO so that anyone, from any part of the world, could get in touch with physicians and specialists at any time of the day.

His aunt was misdiagnosed a few years ago and that lead to complications in her condition. If the doctor had correctly identified the symptoms, his aunt wouldn’t have lost her life.

This is one of the main reasons Nauman felt that there should be a technology powered solution that can help people get second opinions and discuss any possible health issues they may be facing.

For instance, women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant or have given birth can use the platform to constantly keep in touch with a physician who can help them navigate through the challenges associated with pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care.

How does technology fit into the mix?

The unique thing about YDO is that all user queries are answered by physicians. Though, due to the volume and diversity of incoming questions, only having doctors at the other end is not enough.

In addition to having a team of dedicated doctors, YDO also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage the web traffic and assist people in the quickest, more efficient manner.

For instance, when signing up for YDO service, the users are asked to share information like gender, age and any known allergies. The data is presented to the assigned doctor to give him background information about the patient.

Additionally, the platform also utilises chatbots which essentially perform the role that’s similar to that of a nurse. With a few seconds, the chatbots gather information about the medical concern and bridges the conversation to the doctor who now has all the basic information required to take the conversation forward.

How are chatbots beneficial?

Chatbots streamline the process and maximise efficiency. By categorising and analysing information in real time they not only enable doctors to have a better picture but also enhance the experience of the users.

With every interaction and every conversation, the chatbot evolves. Using a process called deep learning; the chatbot recognises speech and specific patterns of queries. It uses these insights to create a layer of data. The more conversations it has, the more layers of data are created and the better, more real the future conversations are.

The way forward

Within a short span of time, YDO has catered to over 50,000 members and the community is growing steadily.

As access to healthcare is a basic human right, the team at YDO is committed to using technology to help bring quality healthcare to more people across different countries. The ultimate goal is to enable everyone with an internet connection to connect with a doctor.   


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