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Dolmen Mall has organised a health and fitness event from 17th – 21st October and we are very pleased! A five day lifestyle event at Clifton will be offering back-to-back activities, features renowned fitness enthusiasts and brands; as a Dolmen Cares initiative to raise awareness of the various benefits and approaches to a healthy lifestyle amongst Karachites and introducing them to the numerous wellness options available at Dolmen Mall.

Keeping active and eating a balanced diet are healthy habits that help boost your chances of a longer life. These things when added up are all essential for your mental and emotional wellbeing too. Not just in terms of prolongevity but by adopting a healthy lifestyle you will be able to lead a quality life.  Read on to find out what aspects of a healthy lifestyle are going to be covered in ‘Dolmen Get Fit’:



Treat it – Avoid totkas and get professional help

When experiencing an acne breakout or any sort of physical pain or sickness, most of us resort to the totkas passed on to us from previous generations. While these may work at times, but more often than not can cause irreversible damage. May it be regarding a physical condition or your mental health, seeking professional help is always recommended. ‘Dolmen Get Fit’ is an opportunity for you to meet and learn from renowned health professionals from Hashmani’s Hospital and DVAGO, whereby you can benefit from free consultations and free of cost medical tests including Eye screening, Cholesterol, BP, blood sugar and calcium test.



Burn it – Choose a trainer and stick to him

Every trainer has something unique that they bring to the table and to learn more about some of the most sought-after trainers in Karachi, you must visit ‘Dolmen Get Fit’. Meet with guest trainers like Fatima Zahra Malik, Mustafa Totana from Fit In Five, Amal Sarwar from the Anti Cup Cake Society, Bilal Munir and Mantahaa Tareen. Live sessions and daily trainings have been also been organised with Body Beat Recreation Centre (BBRC), featuring Hydro Fit Team,  Sheroze Khan, Sameen Faizan, Dosti Zehra, Wasif, Shezzi Khan amongst others.

Once you make your pick, don’t leave it at that!

Take it – Know your body needs and take your vitamins

We experience numerous deficiency symptoms and mostly there is nothing that we do about it, even if the test results are positive and the doctor has prescribed mitigants. If you are a lagger when it comes to this, then ‘Dolmen Get Fit’ is just the right opportunity for you to get on with it, whereby you can choose from a range of brands and vitamin options available at Health mart on the ground floor, HyperStar or mall installations by Nutricia, DVAGO, Tapal and Hashmanis Hospital.


 Count it – Eat healthy and keep track of your calories

From maintaining a healthy weight to looking fab, to elevated energy levels; there is no denying of the numerous benefits of eating all things healthy. But if you are one of those who eat out on a daily basis, we’d recommend you to not miss ‘Dolmen Get Fit’. Not that Dolmen doesn’t already have many healthy options such as Greeno, NECO’s, Pie in the Sky, Subway and Hoagies available, but with the Dolmen Bazaar area offering a plethora of healthy, low-calorie, KETO friendly and organic options; you will have a lot more to choose from.

Plan it – Opt for the right fitness gear and go to your sessions prepared

Going to the gym all prepared, doesn’t just mean setting your alarm right. To make the most of your sessions; in addition to your dedication, your gym bag should meet your individual needs. Starting from comfortable workout clothes, the perfect support with Triumph, the right shoes and handy equipment, all your essentials should be there.  With your favourite brands like Adidas, Reebok, PUMA and NIKE offering discounts and experts helping you pick the right products, ‘Dolmen Get Fit’ can be your saviour. Best of Luck!


Dolmen Mall goes an extra mile when it comes to keeping its customers happy. The mall is also hosting the Critical Mass Karachi and Bikistan cyclist groups to spread breast cancer awareness amongst mall visitors and influence them to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. The mall with a heart is in discussion to provision biker stands to promote environmentally friendly practices and will be hosting a series of rides from Pakistan’s destination of choice in the coming months.


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