Bazeecha-E-Ishq with Zainab Salman




This past PLBW Fashion Week, designer Zainab Salman debuted her latest collection, which had the town buzzing! See all the effort, talent and love that came together to create this magical collection.

What was your design philosophy and inspiration for this particular collection?
Intrigued by the mystical secrets and Sufi concepts, I decided to re-read my favorite book, ‘Forty Rules of Love’ while I was designing. The compelling, vigorous personality of Shams-e- Tabrezi and the powerful, spiritual persona of Maulana Rumi led to the conceptualization of Bazeecha-e-Ishq. I was very involved with the design of every piece and wanted the whole collection to resonate with unconditional, infinite, eternal love. Each piece has been crafted with immense passion, commitment and sincerity.

Tell us about the mood board for the shoot.
The concept development of the shoot was a very personal thing for me.  It reflects the mood of the collection – a little conservative and glamorous while remaining very subcontinental. I wanted the shoot to be styled in a way that reflects our deeply rooted traditional, cultural soul. You see a lot of motia in the hair, gajras, and girls adorned with traditional jewels.

How did your debut PLBW showcase go? What was the buildup to the show like, and how did things go on the day of?
I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work! I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it done, so I believe I pretty much drove everyone up the wall haha! We tirelessly worked day and night to put everything together; Every look was pre planned with a lot of detailing, starting from the drapes of the dupatta, to how the models were to walk on the ramp. The music had to be perfectly coordinated – not too slow and not very upbeat. The fittings and finishing had to be perfect. The list can go on forever. But having everything done ahead of time gave us an edge and everything went really smooth on the day of the show.

What made you pick Iqra Aziz as a showstopper and Ali Noor as a musical surprise?
I thought Iqra would be a fresh breath of air on the ramp, since she hadn’t walked for anyone before.   On top of that, she is gorgeous and I love her facial expressions. She walked out with a book that had Mir Taqi Mir Deewan, reading pieces of his poetry with such zest and enthusiasm; she left the audience in a complete awe. As far as Ali Noor is concerned, I’ve grown up listening to his songs and there is not a single person I know who doesn’t love his music and profound voice. Ali opened the show with a bang, narrating Mir’s poetry, which swept everybody off their feet. It was a great pleasure working with him. He really is a true rock star.

If you could go back and do it all over again, what would you do differently and what aspects would you leave the same?
We tried not leaving any leaf unturned and I feel we’ve been very lucky that things worked out exactly how I had planned them. I only wish we had a little more margin to play around with the hair styling. Other than that, I would do everything all over again and not change a thing.

Which silhouette do you want to see more of this coming year?
For bridals, I’m into traditional, classic cuts. I would definitely stick to that for now.

One trend on the runway you loved?
There were so many gorgeous sarees on the ramp. I think they make women look so timelessly chic and would like to do more of those next year.

What bridal trends are you ready to see die?
Belted duppatas!

What were some other collections from the runway that caught your eye?
I really liked Kamiar’s Moon Rise collection. He stays true to his original aesthetic. I loved the structured, immaculately finished pieces.

Do you have a personal favourite piece from this collection?
I loved incorporating prints in a bridal outfit and would love to bring that trend back. There is a pink lehnga choli called Zantiyana, which has my heart. It is a very detailed piece and has my favourite key tassels on the lehnga and a gorgeous gota tassel at the back of the choli.

What do you have coming up next?
We are coming out with our Fall Pret collection and a capsule collection for formals in November.






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