12 Reasons with Mint


12 Reasons we love

MINT Beauty Solutions

Karachi’s favourite spa is here to make your troubles melt away!


The three fabulous owners – Sanya Mooraj, Maliha Bhutto and Somi Namazi – have created a truly unique space where you can pamper yourself to oblivion!


With a wide range of polishes, you will surely be spoiled for choices

Not only are the private waxing rooms clean and spacious, but with a variety of waxes to choose from, the whole experience feels more like a luxury than a necessity

Get a relaxing Kerestase treatment of your choice, or keep it classic with an oil massage! Either way, leave with your locks feeling loved

You can also pick up any of your favourite items from their wide range of goodies. From the infamous tangle teezer to breathable nail polish and cosmetics galore – everything is up for grabs


They have the BEST massages in town. With a hot pack over your shoulders and Salina Cosmetics Healing Glow relaxing your every nerve, what more could you ask for?

They are constantly introducing fabulous deals and special promotions, which means there is always a good excuse to have some me time


Did we mention their fabulous OPI manicure? Talk about true indulgence

Call us biased, but even the chai (with a little cookie on the side) is to die for!

Whoever makes their playlist is clearly a genius! The old school beats always put a smile on our face

With the calming aroma of natural lavender and sweet vanilla filling the rooms, you are transported into another world

All these extravagances on a budget? Sign me up!


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