Tray Chic
There’s always an occasion for one of MairaChinoy’s gorgeous hand-made trays

Serve Chips, Nuts, Drinks or Whatever Ticles your Fancy on this Monochrome Tray

I’m your Venus
Organize all the Perfumes, Lipsticks, Scrunchies, and Nail Polishes in your Bathroom

Horsing Around
Elegant and Sophisticated – Use At your Next Game Night

Linked In
Here’s a Home for your everyday Trinkets

The Cheque is in the Mail
Decorate and functional – Don’t you find this the perfect place for your mail?

Grapes of Wrath
Perfect to serve cheese and grapes at your next shindig!

London Calling
The perfect accessory for mini-bites at Tea Time

Birds of a Feather
Stay hydrated over night, store your water jug and glasses on this and keep it at your bedside

Play it Again
Just because you can never go wrong with Black & White

All the Worlds a Stage
A Special Gift for any Occasion

Never Lose your Keys Again

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