Sooper Hay Hamara Junoon!

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Peek Freans Sooper takes us down memory lane

It’s been 3 years that Peek Freans Sooper has been managing to surprise us with its oh-so-amazing Independence campaigns almost every year. From Sooper hai Azadi in 2016 to recognizing and appreciating the efforts of our unsung heroes who have contributed selflessly to Pakistan’s progress but got overlooked, the brand used Independence Day occasion to extend Sooper Salam to them.



Then, in 2017 comes Sooper hai Pakistan – the brand again astonished us by becoming Pakistan’s first national brand to achieve Guinness World Record Title for the largest Cookie Mosaic in the shape of Pakistani Flag made with 150,000 + cookies measuring 226.51 m2(2438.15 ft2).

And now, keeping the legacy, Peek Freans Sooper has again managed to get us excited as well as nostalgic when they released this video on their social media platforms featuring Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed and Brian O Connell, 3 band members of Pakistan’s most iconic Sufi-rock band of all time jamming together. The news of Sooper bringing us back Pakistan’s pioneer Sufi-Rock band “Junoon” this Independence day after 13 long awaited years is not something Junoon’s fans wants to miss out!


From Cricket Stadiums to Cinema theatres, our most loved rock pop band Junoon – also referred to as “the U2 of South Asia” has united the country with its songs earlier as well and has kept on making our Jazba-e-Junoon to meet the sky with the perfect choice of tranquil poetry and sky high guitar notes.

The historic re-union of the decade through Peek Freans Sooper clearly shows the brand’s love and devotion for Pakistan and its people. Now that it has been officially announced, the disbelief has turned into thrill and every Pakistani’s heartbeat is in anticipation of what Peek Freans Sooper and Junoon have to bring to us now, whether it would be a new song or a rendition of a previous cover or may be a new album or could it be possible that they might be bringing us a new platform like some other musical stereo? Whatever it would be, Junoon’s fans are desperately waiting for these answers and we have our fingers crossed too!

One thing that must be admitted here is Peek Freans Sooper has indeed made us indebted towards them for graciously making history once again through these Independence Day campaigns.


By Hina Ghaffar


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