Jalal Sons
Chicken Zinger Burger
You are not an urban Lahori till you’ve chowed down on this crispy, tender, juicy handful of joy.
Mess factor: 1/5
PKR 299.00, Main Market, Phase V and Z-Block, Lahore

Bun Kebab
The shami kebab, the golden egg, the oozing butter – any veteran Lahori will point you to this as their number one street burger.
Mess factor: 1/5
Chandni Chowk, Lahore

Nageena burger
Anda Shaami and Chicken Cheese Burgers
Comfort food at it’s absolute best, these grilled Isloo favourites are tantalizing because of their simple charm and low price. Soft hot-dog bun, a handful of cabbage and onions, condiments and their secret ingredient: a pinch of chaat masala. Pressed together so that it all melts into each other… Heaven or what?
Mess factor: 3/5
PKR 80.00, F-10 Markaz and I-8/3, Islamabad

Char grill central
CGC Overdrive and CGC
Cheese Burger
Nothing like a good ol’ cheese burger to hit the spot but get ready for love at first bite with the Overdrive burger – jalapeno, mstard, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, and special sauce all atop their signature beef patty (which is freshly sourced).
Mess factor: 2/5
PKR 300-330.00, 0331-8662228

Hot Dog
The infamous hot dog patty available at the school canteen looks like a bun kebab (but don’t be fooled) and is every boy’s rites of passage at Aitchison College. Team with Dean’s equally famous ketchup and camaraderie, and you have a lifetime of memories.
Mess factor: 2/5
Aitchison College, Lahore

A carnivore’s delight featuring a lip-smacking and juicy patty, topped with smoked turkey bacon, condiments, crispy lettuce and gooey cheddar. Chips are crunchy and salty, and will leave you thinking about your meal for days.
Mess factor: 4/5
PKR 695.00, Kohsar Market, Islamabad, 051-2832246

Tripple Decker And Perfect Beef Burger
Filling minced patty with cheese, tomatoes, jalapeno, grilled (to perfection) mushroom, onion rings and gherkins. Served with French fries and coleslaw…. Mmmmm, guaranteed lip-smacker.
Mess factor: 3/5
PKR 550.00, 24 Egerton Road, Lahore, 042-111-444-333

Swiss and Mushroom
The contemporary bistro does a stellar job with a classic burger and fries.
Mess factor: 2/5
PKR 930.00, House 27-A, Street 18, F-7/2, Islamabad, 051-2651070

Mr. Big (double patty)
Mr. Burger is truly a classic. Their burgers haven’t changed throughout the years and don’t need to, because this guilty pleasure has the works; a meaty patty, a greasy wrapper and that special red sauce that completes the Mr. Burger experience. While it may not be the classist joint, it stands firm in our history books as one of the best in town.
Mess Factor: 5/5
PRK: 300.00, Clifton (35835975), Tariq Road (34310838),
Saddar (3241237) in Karachi

Big Mouth Burger, Son of a Botch and Bird in Hand Burger
There are many reasons one of Lahore’s first resto’s is still in heavy business and son of a bun, these burgers are on that list.
Mess factor: 3/5
PKR 299.00

Gourmet burger company
Gourmet Prime Filet Steak Burger
This heavy burger was built for the meat lover. A delicious patty of sliced prime cut filet steak, topped with the in-house steak sauce will not only make your mouth water but will leave you dreaming about their burger for days after.
Mess Factor: 3/5
PKR 475.00, Opposite Bombay Store, Khada Market, DHA, Karachi, 021 35248665

Serena Hotel
Pizza Burger
A little known secret, this burger is exactly what it’s name suggests.. And it is unfrigginbelievable.
Mess factor: 4/5
Available at the Faisalabad hotel

Funghi Beef Burger and BLT
Cosa Nostra is easily one of the most beloved eateries in all of Lahore, with a great menu and ambiance to match. Their list of gourmet burgers will make your taste buds tingle, but we recommend the Funghi Beef Burger or the BLT! Two truly outstanding and delicious dishes.
Mess factor: 3/5
PKR: 560. 23-A, H Block, Gulberg II Lahore , 042 35757038

Blue Cheese Burger, Five Alarm
Gunsmoke if every body’s go-to for a failproof juicy burger with a smoky flavor. Reinventing its brand a year ago, this Gunsmoke burger patty is now juicier and better.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PRK: 690.00, Dolmen Mall, Karachi, +92-302-8265592 and
MM Alam Road, Lahore

Hafeez Centre
Chicken Burger and Shami Kebab Burger
Lahori boaayys: you know what we’re talking about.
Mess factor: 2/5
PKR 80.00, next to the ICS store, Hafeez Centre, Lahore

Burger Shack
Shack Full-House
Burger Shack will make you wait in line, but it is well worth the time and effort. With a light airy bun to melt in your mouth and the perfect size to fill your tummy yet not send you into a food coma, Burger Shack is one of our newest favs in Karachi.
Mess Factor: 3/5
PKR: 280.00, Khy-e-bane Sehar, Karachi, 021 35845981

The burger factory
The Ironman
Burgers named after your favorite heroes and villains, this new joint has just opened a take-away service in Karachi and we were quick to get our hands on their burgers. The Ironman is truly a cheese-lovers dream come true! With cheddar cheese stuffed inside the beef patty, enjoy melted cheese with every bite. Enjoy it in single patty or treat yourself to a double patty burger!
Mess Factor: 3/5
PKR: 270.00, 40-C Khayaban-e-Muslim. Bukhari Commercial, Karachi, 03452277652

Gouda Burger
Pantry is the one of the newest restaurants in Karachi to be recognized for its burgers and wraps. What makes the Gouda burger note worthy is the size, an intimidatingly fun stuff-your-face burger. With a generous spread of gouda cheese, pickled onions and rocket leaves, this feel good big burger will leave you content.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR. 690.00, 14-C ZamZama, 10th Commercial Lane, 02135810515

Tribeca Burger
The Tribeca Burger is an explosion of flavor! 4 ounces of  Prime + A Beef cuts topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and their in house proprietary Tribeca sauce creates the perfect balance of flavor.
Mess Factor: 3/5
PKR: 290.00, 45-C, Shop No. 2, 10th Badar
Commercial, 0333 3267875

Espresso Burger
While Espresso is better known for their light snacks, their burger deserves a mention. With a light sesame bun and fresh ingredients, this burger may not be have that greasy and juicy style, but is perfectly fitting for a heavy lunch.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR: 535.00, Karachi (UAN: 111 393 377) Lahore (042-3578 0357)

Roasters Jalapeno Bacon Beef Burger
Roasters was once the most popular burger joint in town in terms of flavor and quality, but with many other players in town, some have forgotten about what once was. However, their Jalapeno Bacon Beef Burger is still excellent, Topped With Sautéed Mushrooms & Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Beef Bacon & Cheddar Cheese, this burger combines all the right flavors together to satisfy your cravings.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PRK: 530.00, 23-C, 2nd Commercial Lane, Main Zamzama, Karachi (021-111-486479)

Fat Burger
Western BBQ Fatburger
This fast-food chain recently opened up across Pakistan and was an instant hit. True to its name, these burgers are not only monstrous in size, but pack a punch with all the right flavors, and the Western BBQ does just that with its delicious and memorable BBQ sauce. Wash down your meal with a flavourful milkshake!
Mess Factor: 4/5
PKR: 410.00, Dolmen Mall, Karachi and M.M Alam Road, Lahore.

Jalapeño Premium Chicken
OPTP is a household name throughout Pakistan as their fries are famous. The Jalapeno Premium Chicken Burger is one of their best sellers, as the quality of ingredients mixed with the spicy zing of flavor create a divine over experience
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR: 400.00

Bori bazar
Aloo Burgers
A shout out to street side cuisine, the Bori bazar Aloo burgers are some o.f the best you will find. A true foodie has to have this yummy bun kebab experience at least once (a month!)
Mess Factor: 1/5
PKR: 35.00, Karachi

Red apple
Mega Burger
Another landmark in Karachi’s food scene, Red Apple’s Mega Burger stands true to its name. With a crispy chicken patty, this monster sized juicy burger will satisfy your cravings. Must be mixed with their signature masala fries!
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR: 220.00, Clifton Branch Block 2, Opposite Bilwal House, 021-35297003-4 and Khadda Market, 0345-4733-733

Beef Burger with Cheese
Wimpy’s has an old school diner experience, being one of the oldest hot spots in Karachi since the 80’s to still be going strong. For a classic burger without any fuss or fancy extras, Wimpy’s is the place to go!
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR: 190.00, Mohd Ali Housing Society, Karachi, +9221 34521595

La Atrium
Chicken Jalapeno Burger
Don’t let the theme of French and Italian cuisines fool you, La Atrium has a delicious burger. The Chicken Jalapeno has just the right amount of spice to make this dish noteworthy.
Mess Factor: 2/5
Haali Road, Gulberg 3, Adjacent to Chen One, Lahore, 042 35757262

Black Angus Hamburger
Café Aylanto not only revamped its look astheticaly, but is bringing it’s a game in terms of quality of food. Their Black Angus Hamburger is something to treat yourself with, as it is one of the more extravagant burgers in town. Topped with caramlezied oinions, relish and melted swiss cheese, we suggest you wear your eating pants for this one!
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR. 1,595.00, House D – 141, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, and MM Alam Road, Lahore

Zinger Burger
Everyone thinks KFC and thinks of only friend chicken, but we all know their zinger burger is to die for. A giant piece of spicy fried boneless chicken, an extremely generous amount of mayo and a soft bun all come together to give you the perfect glutinous meal… Each calorie is worth it!
Mess Factor: 3/5
PKR. 300.00

Trio of Mini Burgers
The Xanders Trio burgers deserve a round of applause. These burgers may be mini, but they were still pretty generous and satisfying. Each slider has a different topping (blue cheese, honey/mustard and sautéed mushrooms) so not only are you content, but you get a nice variety of flavors throughout your meal.
Mess Factor: 1/5
PKR: 610.00, E- Street Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, 02135293653

Rodeo Glory
This mushroom and beef burger gives the B-list burgers some serious competition.
Mess factor: 2/5
PKR 439.00, Johar Town, Lahore

The boulevard bar and grill
Philly Cheese Burger
A char-grilled beef burger is topped with cheddar cheese and seasoned in a mouthwatering Philly steak mix!
Mess Factor: 4/5
PRK: 575.00, 10-Q Gulberg II, Zahoor Elahi Road, 042 35711379

Classic Burger
Okra may be known for their fine dining, but don’t let that fool you, their classic burger is to die for! Their delicious soft homemade Okra bun on top of a thick patty garnished with the simplest of dressings makes this gourmet burger an absolute melt in your mouth winner. Add in a side of crispy fires and you will go home with zero regrets.
Mess Factor: 1/5
PKR: 785.00, 12-C, 10h Zamzama Commercial Lane, Ph-V, DHA, Karachi, 35831350

Peri peri original
1/2 Pounder Burger
What makes the Peri Peri Burger delicious is the tangy peri peri sauce which makes your mouth water!
Mess Factor: 3/5
PKR: 595.00, 1-B/3, Gulberg III, Lahore, +92 42 35357824

Fiery Red Hot
MYOB gives you the option to customize your own burger, but the Fiery Red Hot is an in house special you cannot miss. Not for the Faint Hearted, this signature burger is made with their classic fire grilled patty, which is packed with heat from Franks red-hot sauce and loaded with Jalapenos!
Mess Factor: 4/5
PKR: 520.00, Clifton, DHA Karachi, +92 21 35205505

Burger Hub
Chicken Banzai Batter Burger
The Chicken Banzai Batter comes with whole chicken breast,
rubbed in thier fantastic new banzai batter and is golden fried. Served with a soft, hand rolled bun with garlic mayo and crispy iceberg, this is one yummy treat.
Mess Factor: 3/5
PRK: 520.00, Lower Ground Floor, Vogue Towers, MM Alam Road, 0334 1310131

The Ultimate Chicken Burger
This one comes with the works! 2 chicken patties served with boiled egg, cheese, onions and doused in their tangy in-house sauce and famous French fries. Don’t forget your side of cole slaw.
Mess Factor: 5/5
PKR: 435.00, 25-H, Gulbery-II, Lahore, 042 35879905

Chicken Burger
This eatery is more about the ambiance of mixing fashion and food under one roof, their burger isn’t bad either.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR: 395.00, 1/CB Main Mehmood Kasoori Road, Lahore, +9242 35877057/58

Beef and cheese
A Karachi hallmark of the 70’s from when there were no burger joints in town, still has a hot spot in the market today. Team it with their trademark coleslaw for a meal to remember.
Mess Factor: 2/5
124/D. B Market, DHA Commercial Area, Karachi 021-35886947

Go go restaurant
Chicken Cheese Burger
A childhood special that will never get old. Their geela fries will always get our heart racing (literally and figuratively!)
Mess Factor: 1/5

Tennessee Burger
TGI Fridays has opened its doors once again in Pakistan and we are so excited to get our hands on their delicious Tennessee burger. This 7oz Angus Beef patty is covered in the TGIF signature Tennessee Grill Sauce, accompanied with a toasted bun. And of course, add some turkey bacon strips and onion rings.
Mess Factor: 3/5
4TH Floor, Centaurus Mall, Islamabad


Big Mac and McChicken
No burger list would be complete without the mention of the ultimate and all time fast food burger classic, the Mcdonalds Big Mac and McChicken burgers accompanied with their salty fries! Need we say more?
Mess factor: 3/5
PKR: 320.00

Chicken Burger and Beef Burger
Family favourite Caf̩ Zouk is known for many things, but do not underestimate their burger. Zouk serves up nothing but the best 6 oz Рpacked with an extra flavorful charcoal-grilled beef patty.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR: 450.00, Saba Commercial Area, Karachi and
MM Alam Road, Lahore

Khan burger
Aanda Shami Burger
In Lahore, we take our greasy roadside eats very seriously, and the Anda Shami burger at Khan burger is the perfect fix to chat in your car with friends and gorge.
Mess Factor: 4/5
PKR: 150.00

Punjab Club
Chicken Burger and Chicken Cheese Burger
The Punjab Club is one of the exclusive clubs of Lahore and their menu (especially catering menu) will leave you wanting a little taste of everything. Make sure to try their in house burger!
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR 155.00, Opposite Race Course Park, Danepur Rd, Lahore, 042 3636 4750

Beef Cheese Burger
This popular fast food joint doesn’t need any fancy toppings or extra sides to make their burger a stand out. Go with a classic beef cheese burger and you will not be disappointed!
Mess Factor: 3/5
PKR: 200.00, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, 051 2850406

Triple Decker
New on their menu, and a must-have on your bucket list.
Mess Factor: 3/5
PKR 549.00, 56-B3, Gulberg III, Lahore, 042 35772626

Bun Pluster
Any MAO College or Punjab University go-er will tell you this is THE perfect after-school chow down.
Mess Factor: 5/5
Sanda Road, Lahore, +92 323 4448186

Mocca coffee
Flame Grilled Chicken Burger
This posh restaurant takes their burger to the next level. The flame grilled chicken burger comes with green olives, mint and semi-dried tomatos and can be served bunless with extra salad with no carbs for the health conscious!
Mess Factor: 3/5
F-6/3, Islamabad, 051 2823723

Famous Star Burger, Jalapeno Chicken and Angus
Famous for their thick juicy burgers that taste like the real thing, we love most burgers on their menu and had a tough time narrowing the top three. No meal at Hardee’s is complete without their curly fries that get your mouth watering at the mere thought and chocolate milkshake.
Mess factor: 4/5
PKR: 450.00+

Zulfi burger
Chicken Cheese Shaami Anda Burger
Described as the perfect guilty please, this burger stands true to its name. Packed with shaami and anda, along with “dirty ketchup” this is street food at its best.
Mess Factor: 4/5
Food Stand, Main Market, Lahore

Prince burger stand
Anda Shami
Located on the Bhalwal-Sargodha road, this little known gem is amongst the best road-side burgers we’ve had in our life.
Mess Factor: 3/5
Bhalwal, Punjab

Sliders: Fatso’s catering has become growingly popular due to their mini sliders, which are so delicious and perfectly sized, you may lose count as to how many you have had. Delivered prepared or in frozen patty, Fatso’s burgers are perfect for any occasion.
Mess Factor: 1/5
+92 345 3059691

Beef Burger
This newly opened venture of Kabana Events & Catering has added this burger which consiss of perfectly caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms. Sink your teeth in to the soft sesame bun and sit back, relax and enjoy.
Mess Factor: 4/5
0320 4669281

Anda Shami and Chicken Cheese
Some flavour packed and dhaba-style oily goodness that will have you licking your chops and probably ordering a second!
Mess Factor: 2/5
Barkat Market, Lahore

Potato Den
GC Crispy Burger, Tikka Burger
Next time you’re lazing in bed, ring ‘em up for something cheap and cheerful. The wings are a no-fail side.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR: 340.00, 290/4 Sector Q, Phase II, Ghazi Road, DHA, Lahore, 042-35708448

Coffee tea and company
Bacon Chicken and Mushroom and Cheddar
Many a sehri’s and nashta’s have been spent by teenagers and families who want something divine to eat. Next time you stop by, try these two burgers – you will not be disappointed.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR: 600.00+, Shop #1-3b/3, Gulberg-III, Mian Mahmud Ali Kasuri Road, 042-35759135

Waheen Burger
Chicken Burger
Just add to this the list of Lahore heritage sites when you visit the Old City! This road-side burger is so good, we guarantee you will not be able to have a conversation – you will be too busy chowing down.
Mess Factor: 2/5
Bhatti Gate, Lahore

Tip Top Burger
Chicken Burger
It’s been around forever and there are days when you just gotta have that mayo-based sauce.
Mess Factor: 2/5
Main Market, Lahore

The Mini Anoushka
Named after her adorable daugher, chef extraordinaire Samar Hussain serves up a well-seasoned, cheesed up and sweetcorn relish dressed signature mini burger.
Mess Factor: 2/5
PKR 70.00 each, 0312-4052002

Lums University
Bun Kebab
The LUMS canteen has a delightful and old-school answer to over-worked and hungry students. Just watch out for the pesky Freshman 15 pounds!
Mess Factor: 2/5

Burger Corner
Chicken Burger
A road-side burger perfect for those late night drives.
Mess Factor: 3/5
167-P, Mini Market, Gulberg II, Lahore, 042-35714647

Burger King
Everyone knows and loves the Burger King name, so you can imagine how excited we are to have the franchise open its doors in town. While some say it hasn’t lived up to expectation, we still have to acknowledge that its great Pakistan now has Burger King! We love the traditional and familiar flavor of the whopper along with BK skinny fries.
Mess Factor: 3/5

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