We went on a food tour with foodpanda and we


What better then starting the weekend off by trying out some amazing food. We started of the tour with a meet & greet session hosted by the CEO foodpanda himself, Mr. Nouman Sikander , where he showed us their entire office and made us meet his team members.
After a quick icebreaking session we were given an itinerary for the Good Food Tour – New in Town edition which covered a few of the top new eateries in Karachi.
So quite literally, this was our bread and butter for the evening

We hopped on to the foodpanda Good Food Tour bus and headed towards our first stop of the Good Food Tour, Tribeca Café & Bistro where we enjoyed some of the best tasting chimichurri steak bites, chicken steak bites with a spicy sauce, soft buffalo tacos and hardshell tacos.


tribeca 1 tribeca 2  tribeca 4tribeca 3

We just loved the Chimichurri bites and hardshell tacos which were our favourites from Tribeca.

In good spirits, we then head towards the next stop on the Good Food Tour, Chatterbox Deli.

The best thing about them was their exceptionally quick service. We got served within 15 mins of arrival with some delicious nachos, korean spicy chicken rice bowl, beef rice bowl, pasta, burger sliders and some mint lemonade. To say the least it was all gone within minutes!!! Here are some picture of the food we tried before devouring all of it.


Chatter 5 chatterbox 1 chatter 3 Chatter 2


Next stop on the tour was Barcelos, we tried their Espetadas and Chicken feta wrap. The wrap was extremely delicious, so much so that it was all gone when we actually decided to take a picture of it. Barcelo’s Espedata was equally delicious and we made sure that we take a picture of this beauty. Here is how it looked

Barcelos 1

Our last stop was as sweet as it gets. We visited Praguery for dessert. You’d think by this time everyone must have been full, but as soon as their chimney nutella came out, people were jumping out of excitement, it was smiles everywhere with everyone sharing delicious Strawberry & Chocolate shakes Chimney cones and even Jalapeno chicken chimney as savory items! This is what we managed to take out as pictures after we were done devouring the sweet & savory treat.


Para 2 Para 1 Para 3

Overall the second edition of the Good Food tour was an amazing experience altogether. We got to try some really nice food, the Journey on the foodpanda Good Food Tour was a joy and a half. When the global online food delivery brand like foodpanda is at the forefront of uniting foodies under one roof and giving them the opportunity to experience difference cuisines and bring together different personalities with common love and interest for food for a whole night of appreciation and revelry. We don’t think there is anything better than this initiative and we look forward to going on the road with foodpanda once again.

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