Casting Couch feat. Anoushey Ashraf


Funny girl Anoushey transforms into an 11 year old girl, a rebellious teenagar and an angry mother-in-law!

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1. You’re trying to take a sneaky picture of someone across the room and get caught – so you have to pretend to take a selfie


2. You’re 15 years old and your best friend has starting dating your crush

3. You’re a mother in law who’s seen her bahu’s messages on her son’s phone calling you a b****

4. You’re at the Wimbledon finals and just made eye contact with Roger Federer

6. You’re hosting the LSA’s live and just announced the wrong winner

7. You’re 17 years old, sneaking home at 5AM and your mother just caught you at the door

8. You’re an 11 year old girl sitting in a co-ed Biology class when the teacher starts talking about reproduction

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