6 Things to Know When You’re Expecting Your Firstborn


This one is for all the first time mamas out there. Feeling totally unprepared? Read what took Risham Khan, a first time mother, by surprise when she welcomed her first baby into this world.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was always told to enjoy what little time I had left to
myself. Aunties from all walks of life would tell me to get as much sleep as I could before the baby
came. I always laughed it off. I mean, how hard could it be? Women had been doing this for
thousands of years. Surely I could handle a newborn baby. Oh man, how I wish I’d known
better. Here are a few things that certainly took me by surprise as a first time mama:

The First Poop

I still remember the look of horror on my husband’s face when he saw that first diaper. No one
tells you that your newborn’s poop will be a blackish-green colour. Not only is it weird in colour
but baby poop is also explosive. You haven’t officiated into parenthood until you’ve put on your
favourite outfit on your baby and had a major diaper blowout. Also, get used to always talking about
poop. The colour, the consistency, the smell – it’s all in the little details.


Babies cry. They cry when they’re hungry. They cry when they’re sleepy. They cry when they
have gas. Some times, they cry for no apparent reason at all. Try not to lose your sanity through
all the crying. I found myself breaking into nursery rhymes and doing the chicken dance many times. Whatever it takes to distract the baby!

Google Everything
Google is your new best friend. When it’s too late in the night to bombard your Pediatrician
with text messages and your baby has gas pains, you turn to Google. When your baby’s poop is
still green on day 6, you turn to google. As a first time mom with no prior experience with babies, I found myself googling EVERYTHING.

“Why is my newborn always sneezing?”
“Images of normal baby poop”
“Why is my baby’s poop green”
“Why don’t babies have tears”

These are just a few examples from my recent Google Search History. Motherhood really is a blessing.

The Spit Up

No one really tells you that along with the baby, you’ll also need 5 outfit changes every day. Prepare to have baby spit up ALL. THE. TIME. I never imagined I’d be waiting to hear another human being’s burp so anxiously. I remember telling the entire room to shut up, just because I didn’t want to miss the baby’s burp!

Desi Totkay
The most annoying thing, by far, about having a baby in Pakistan was the unwanted advice I got
from every single aunty that came to see my baby. As I had a January baby, I was told to load up
on the Panjeeri! No aunty, I don’t want to have a delicious yet very fattening mix of nuts cooked
in an excessive amount of sugar and desi ghee! Specially not when I’m trying to lose all that baby
weight. Even more hilarious was when I was seriously warned against having any cold drinks or
ice because it would somehow magically transfer through my milk and make it too cold for the baby!

Hang in there

Raising a baby is hard work. It really does take a village. At the end of the day when you see
your baby sleeping peacefully like a little angel you almost can’t believe you created something
so beautiful. What matters the most is that you’re a good parent. A huge part of that is learning
to put your needs along with your baby’s too. Whether its something as little as just taking a
spa day, or a big decision like going back to work, it’s so important to do whatever you can to
be the best version of yourself for your baby every single day.


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