Gym Bag Essentials


Sophiya Salim Khan's go to list for her gym bag essentials

Having joined a gym myself very recently I realised having a guide to what you should pack in your gym bag would be very helpful. It took me about two or three visits until I perfected my gym bag necessities, here is what I always carry with me to the gym.

1. Since my gym offered the option of buying water I never used to take a water bottle from home. However that was one of my biggest mistakes. invest in personnel water bottle and always keep it in your gym bag, and to be more efficient you can always just refill the bottle from the water coolers provided by your gym.

2. When packing your post gym outfit be sure to remember to double check if you have packed all garments, as I have many times forgotten something or the other and have been forced to re-wear my yoga pants. It’s always a good idea to always have some clothing necessities in your gym bag.

3. Additionally it’s always a good idea to keep heating and cooling pads in your bag. You never know when and if you might pull a muscle and need to take care of it immediately.

4. Always always always keep the first aid kit or a pair of bandages in your bag, you never want an excuse to skip gym even for a blister or two.

5. A portable charger because you need your own tunes to motivate you and get you through gym. I never take chances when it comes to having my own music while working out. So if ever need be I always have a portable charger in every bag I carry.

6. I keep a bar of granola just in case I feel hungry and thus prevent myself from grabbing a Snickers bar.

7. Roll on perfume/deodorant – because the “I just came from gym” scent won’t ever do.

8. How many times throughout your day has your hair tie just broken. Always keep a pack of hair ties in their incase the one holding your hair back decides to break mid workout.

9. My gym provides me with the good hair shampoo and conditioner, which is why I do not carry my own. However if your gym does not provide you with a suitable hair and conditioner, remember to pack your own.

10. A hairbrush is a life saver in any gym kit.

11. Headphones!!! What’s the point of having a fully charged phone if your headphones aren’t with you.

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