10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day


Written By Taskeen Zahra

It’s raining men–Hallelujah – it’s raining men!

One can find themselves feeling gloomy and home-bound when the weather decides to act like a hormonal pregnant woman (no offense o the preggers out there). Taskeen Zahra provides 10 things to do in order to spend a rainy day the desi way:

1.”Woh Kaghaz Ki Kashti, Yeh Barish Ka Pani”


All hail Jagjit Singh for producing an all time classic as this. So, kick back on the patio and listen to old classics that are sure to take you down memory lane.

2.Or Even Better, Make Kaghaz Ki Kashtis


3.Bring Out Them Pakoras!


Pakoras are a must on rainy days – they’re the staple food for experiencing a rainy day the desi way!

4.All Those Barish Updates on Facebook


Log onto your facebook account and laugh at the ridiculous facebook updates and statuses about the weather changes. If we continue to go at this pace, we’re definitely putting Pakistan Meteorological Department out of business. HAHA!

5.Snapchat That Drizzle On the Window


When it rains, every monkey with a DSLR attempts to capture the best “drizzle-on-the-window” photo. After all, Instagram makes us all professional photographers

6.Smoke That Joint


You know you want to..;)

7. And Then Dance In The Rain


Dance as your feet splash the puddles of water – and feel the fresh water touch your skin.

8.Change Into Your PJs.


Why? You never need a reason to change into your pjs – Na’aan!

9. Make Yourself A Warm Cup Of Coffee


Latte? Cappuccino? Mocca? Or your usual karak chai – Have a warm beverage of your choice as you watch the rain fall to the ground.

10.Read That Book That’s Lying On Your Bedside Table


We all have that book we really want to read but never get time for. Now is the time to grab that book – snuggle into your reading chair or the most comfortable couch in the house (we all have that particular one) and read away!




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