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Dull hair? Split ends? Hair fall? Weak roots? We’ve got you covered. Our Hair Rescue Strengthening Oil is made with ten carefully selected herbs infused in an organic oil blend. It restores hair to it’s natural condition, regenerating the follicles and improving cell growth to promote hair growth and shine. Some of the ingredients in the oil include sesame seed oil, which cools the scalp and fights dandruff, as well as bhringraaj, amla and taramira, which delay graying, retain moisture and also have a soothing effect on the mind.


liftmeup UltraGlow

Long breaks between water consumption can cause serious dehydration in this heat, even to our skin! Lift Me Up is a hydrating and firming scrub+mask that uses the benefits of rose oil, malathi, oatmeal and jojoba oil to improve skin elasticity, fight the signs of aging, and deeply nourish the skin for a soft, refreshing look. Referred to as “ubtan redefined” by Aura customers, Ultra Glow is a brightening and toning scrub+mask, that contains strawberry oil, which tightens and minimizes pores, and neroli oil, which lightens scars, fights pigmentation and evens out skin tone. Packed with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, Ultra Glow is a best seller for good reason.


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A long, hot summer day can tire the mind and body, leaving your spirits and energy levels low. Calm and soothe your soul with Zen Bath and Body Oil. This non-greasy oil is made with almond oil and French lavender oil to fight anxiety, stress, and headaches while moisturizing the body, leaving it soft and smooth.


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Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy body, but moisturizing your skin before getting a good night’s sleep is even better. Revive is a toxin-free and chemical-free hydrating face oil made to stimulate skin health, lighten scars, fight wrinkles and moisturize the skin without leaving it oily or greasy. Made with nature’s most powerful skin-care ingredients, like pomegranate seed oil, this face oil provides antioxidant benefits which fight free radicals, protect skin from sun damage and promote skin elasticity. We like to call it magic in drops!



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It’s that time of the year when the line between dewy and greasy skin begins to blur a little. Whether you like it or not, the Summer air makes skin awfully oily because the heat and humidity increases the oil production from sebaceous glands. This can also result in acne, when oil trapped under the skin becomes inflamed, promoting a ground for bacteria. Our Activated Charcoal Bar fixes it all. Made with antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities of tea tree oil and activated charcoal, this soap bar pulls out grime, clears out the pores, controls excess oil and deeply cleanses, leaving the skin firm and clear.

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