On the Rise feat. Zainab Masood


We are always on the lookout for fresh, new talent around town and a certain creative and innovative Instagram account caught our eye! Little Things in Life (@LTIL.BY.ZEE) has super cute home accessories that are made to your liking, and from their hand embroidered cushions to laser cut out stencils, we are in love with just about everything! here, Anusha Bawany chats with the talent and brains behind it all.

When did you realize a career in the arts was for you?

To be honest, the idea came first and the art followed. As someone who always wanted to present her loved ones with something unique and heartfelt, I wasn’t completely satisfied by the done-to-death options available at the stores. I began adding personalised items to the gifts I’d assort until one particular day I decided I just wanted to incorporate my set of skills as a graphic designer into hand-crafted pieces that would be a break from the regular items available everywhere.


Tell us about your company. 

Creativity, appeal and uniqueness while keeping the warmth intact are the prime goals behind each creation of LTIL. For that purpose, I make sure to choose only the best materials to work with and try my best not to let there be any weak link during the process. I want to add sentimental value into the things people buy, whether it’s for themselves or others.

How would you describe your sense of aesthetic in three words?

Less is more.


Do you do all the calligraphy yourself? How did you learn?

Calligraphy constitutes about 20% of the typography I work on, and I do it all myself. I have been watching tutorials and then been learning through trial and error.

Who are your three biggest inspirations in the art world?

Milton Glaser, Piet Mondrian and Robert Montgomery.


Your go-to place of inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. But usually I browse numerous Instagram pages related to arts and crafts. Most of the stuff taking rounds on those pages isn’t doable here (due to concerns related to availability of material) so that’s a real bummer. But it does sometimes challenge you find creative solutions, which inspires other ideas.

Most memorable experience from your career?

There isn’t just one. Getting positive feedback from a client is so elating. I myself am so involved and excited about each order that I can hardly wait to hear from a client once their order is dispatched.


How did you come up with the idea of laser cut art work?

While working on a concept for coasters, which demanded to be laser-cut. There did not seem to be enough experimentation with materials when it came to some items and I really wanted to work with the lesser known media.

Favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

Watching a billion crafting videos.

Biggest support systems:

My family and friends, who mobilize my thoughts after a creative block.


Up next for you:

Hopefully, finding all the sources I need to materialise a good number of ideas that have been brewing in my mind far too long. In the future, I’d love to open up a cozy little store, which can be equipped with every kind of material that is hard to come by here.

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