Layla Chatoor

Tell us about this collection.
The 2015 Summer Resort collection is named La Dolce Vita, and is inspired by my summer travels to Rome and Florence. I wanted the collection to have an international feel so all the pieces can be worn very easily on a trip to Paris, New York or even in Karachi.

What was the concept behind the shoot?
The shoot portrays a free spirited yet indulgent lifestyle.

Which is your favourite piece from this collection?
My favourite piece is the tailcoat Amna wears with denim shorts. It is so versatile and one can pair it with different bottoms each time to achieve different looks.

As a designer and avid fashionista, which trend(s) are you ready to see die this season?
Many, actually. I want to see jumpsuits, leggings, jeggings and churidar tights along with sari gowns gone! I wish people would wear a sari elegantly or a gown sexily not merged together in one concoction.

Which silhouette do you want to see more of this year?
I want to see a variation of short tunics this summer. Each piece in my collection can be mixed and matched, so no two people will look like they’re wearing uniforms.

Any disasters while shooting?
For one of the shots, Shahbaz stood on the wall trying to acting all macho, so Amna would sit out on the balcony, but we could all see he was pretty scared of falling down and that was scaring us at the same time! It could have been disastrous, but thankfully it all turned out well.

Who thought of the styling?
I did, but Shahbaz wanted to do the shoot in Bali and I told him I would take him to a Bali looking house in Karachi.

Which do you prefer designing – pret or couture?
Pret is effortless; it gives instant gratification but couture takes a lot of time. In the end, it makes me happy to know I made somebody’s day extra special, so I will have to go with couture.

Amna Ilyas

How was your experience working with Layla?
Wonderful! I did a bridal shoot with her and Shahbaz the day before and I loved her Summer Resort line so much that I agreed to do the shoot the very next day. Shahbaz and I both!

What was the funniest thing that happened at the shoot?
Shahbaz and I were fighting with each other constantly; it kept us on our toes!

Song in repeat?
Pharell’s Happy was playing constantly while I was made to run up and down the staircase in the skirt. Shahbaz has pictured that one beautifully.


Shahbaz Shazi

What was the concept of the shoot?
I wanted to take the shoot to Bali or Turkey to give it an international look, as it is a Resort collection but Layla wouldn’t part with her babies! So we shot it in Karachi. The concept is very simple and exudes opulence.

What was the funniest thing that happened at the shoot?
Me standing on the wall did make everybody smile. They said the neighbors would call the police on me thinking I was a thief haha!

Was there anything Layla was very particular about?
Layla was very particular about everything initially, but once she trusted my instincts she let me have my way with the shoot.

Music that gets you in the mood during shooting?
I would have loved to hear more Desi music but everybody protested and I was outnumbered.



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