On the Rise feat. Rabia Farooqui


We are always on the look out for fresh talent, and this up and coming star caught our eye! Nikhar Riaz chats with the young artist about what makes her tick.

When did you realize a career as an artist was for you?

The moment I spontaneously decided to drop A-level Art as a subject and begged the administration to give it back to me the next day was the world’s biggest reality check. I knew instantly then that this was it. Art was going to become a big partof my life.


How would you describe your sense of aesthetic in three words?

Intricate, detailed and controlled.

Tell us about your debut collection.

Keeping societal conformity in mind, my work explores the nature of self-doubt. Using one figure in repetition, it’s physique, gestures, and uniform all begin to play an important role in creating narratives of what takes place in an individual’s mind when feeling pressurized to live up to rules and expectations set by society.

What is your most preferred medium to work with?

Gouache on Wasli.

Who are your three biggest inspirations in the art world?

First and foremost is the internationally acclaimed visual artist Muhammad Zeeshan, who has mentored me and inspires me every single day. Considering music is art, Coke Studio just has it’s way of striking a chord within me; the blend of raw traditional beats with a voice that is not overpowering inspires a lot of my aesthetic vocabulary. Lastly, MC Escher’s way of imagery into tessellations is a refreshing take on patterns. It definitely makes the cut incorporating.

IMG_3502 copy (3)

Your go-to place of inspiration?

I wouldn’t call it a place, rather the concept of simple observation; observing people interact, react, analyzing their body language… That is where my inspiration begins to take it’s form.

Favourite Pakistani artist?

Naming one favorite artist is never easy, there are way too many to mention.

One person you would love to make a piece for?

Justin Bieber; not that I’m a crazy fan, but seriously… Why not? 😉



Most memorable experience working on this debut collection?

Hearing how others interpret my work, which is a great insight into multiple different perspectives.

Three things you can’t live without:

Music, denim and of course, paintbrushes!

Favoirite thing to do when you’re not working:

I design for Nadia Farooqui when I’m not painting. It gives me the necessary breathing space that is required.

Biggest support systems:

My family, especially my father, who never gave up on me and helped me make some of the smartest decisions of my life.

Up next:

Just working on my next body of work. Stay tuned!

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