The Miracle Oil – Coconut Oil


Madame Wit brings you the benefits of using coconut oil

I’m not one for sharing secrets, and this one is by far the worst kept secret on the planet, oops sorry, the INTERNET. You’ve probably read this a hundred times, may have googled it far more times, and in the offset of that God awful pimple on your face, you may have even tried it.

Well here I am, no beauty maestro, but just an average female who likes her DIY’s, and may from time to time follow Farah Dukhai through the very end of that recipe of haldi (turmeric) and yogurt meant for every inch of your body, have tried this and succeeded.

Very few things grab my attention, and even few earn my loyalty for life. Coconut oil is one such beauty that has had my heart for a while and if you scroll down below, you can find out why.

  • Happy scalp, happy hair
    We’ve all had bad hair days, and most of the times we curse our genetics, our dandruff, that woman in the salon for going overboard with the trimming when you explicitly told her to keep it to a bare 2 inches, but what we often forget is that the problem with extensive drying of the hair, or thinning of the hair, and the worst, surplus of oil in the hair is related to an unhappy scalp. Beat your scalps blues away by adorning your scalp with some of that coconut oil! Massage it well, don’t over do it like your grandma would, use circular motions and slather this stuff on. You will find, after usage of two to three weeks, it works and it works well.
  • Makeup Remover
    Behold my lifesaver, the coconut oil as my makeup remover. Not only does it feel like I am lounging on a beach in the Bahamas, my dry flaky skin appreciates the no chemical removal of makeup. Every once in a while I will switch to a chemical remover, or those fancy makeup wipes, they fail me at the mascara every time. That dry black chunk wont come off, and some of us don’t appreciate that scary look of a half off mascara. Coconut oil will take each and every bit off your makeup off, as the oil helps break up the particles of your makeup base.
    I wouldn’t recommend to those with oily skin, take it up at your own risk, but personally I feel like it couldn’t do any harm.
  • Body Scrub
    I make my own body scrub, owing to the fact that I have already stated multiple times that I have dry flaky skin, exfoliation does not come as a surprise, in fact it is essential. Make your own Body Scrub at home, using two parts of sugar/sea salt and mix it with some drops of essential oil and one part of Coconut Oil. It smells divine, and is gentle on your skin. Coconut oil absorbs in to the skin fast, so it won’t linger on making you uncomfortable, will just leave you the right kind of supple skin.
  • Night Cream
    Owing to its moisturising properties, coconut oil makes for a great night cream. Its rich in proteins and saturated fats which will help your skin remain moisturised throughout the night. The fats present in the coconut oil provide the skin with the required tone, leaving you to wake up with a healthy glow which is completely natural.
  • Mask for swimming
    If you’re a swimmer like me, or on a mission to shed some weight and can’t stand the way the chlorine in the water makes your hair and skin chip off, then don’t worry. My research and tried method will come in handy, right before you jump in the pool. Drench your body in coconut oil after taking a shower, and cover your hair strands with some as well. Wear your swimming cap (because otherwise it’s just disgusting) and don’t pay heed to what anyone else says, make that jump. Your skin will thank you for it later, no matter how ridiculous you look with that tonne of oil on your body. The oil helps control the damage the chlorine will make to your skin, so it acts as a protective layer to your body against sun rays and the chemicals in the water.

I could go on and on about the natural remedies of coconut oil which I have tried and tested, as massage oil, general body butter, lip balm and what not. The simple fact of the matter is, anything which does not have artificial ingredients in it, is safe to try out on your skin and different oils serve different purposes for various skin types. Coconut oil is versatile and works well with most skin types, so give it a try and let me know what you think, did it work for you? Did it not?

Also for reference I use the cold pressed Go Natural Coconut Oil, because it smells great and I know its the real thing, so make sure you check the authenticity of your product before you use it! Till then, keep yourself happy, bathe in this miracle oil.

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