The King of Buffets at Sweet Affairs


Buckle up because Sweet Affairs’ buffet will take your taste buds on a ride!


Sweet Affairs is a name synonymous with all things sweet. Their desserts, be they cupcakes, cakes, or their extremely popular ‘cookie in a skillet’ are sure to hit the right spots in your mouth – however, yesterday, they launched their special grand buffet in the wake of Ramadan.

The diverse menu is just what you need for a perfect iftaar/suhoor meal. So in case you have a family of desis and ‘confused desis’ that enjoy both traditional and continental food, this is the perfect place to be! It offers a huge selection of items to choose from – Thai Coconut, Honey Chicken, Slow Cooked Shank Roast, Jalapeno Chicken, Alfredo Pasta, Salsa Shrimps and several more.



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For all the weight-watchers, Sweet Affairs offers you three different salads to choose from – because Saniya Waqar understands the importance of staying fit while fasting and feasting. We all love them pakoras and samosas, but it’s important to make your meals count.

The Caesar salad in particular is the perfect blend of flavours. Real foodies sure understand how even salads can taste amazing with the right kind of dressing and salt-pepper mix. Served with a mint margarita, it is bound to tantalize your taste buds. More over, a mint margarita is the perfect mix to cleanse your palette when you overeat – which you’re bound to considering you’ve been fasting for over 16 hours!!





My favourite pick from the main course has to be the Thai Coconut – the gravy is creamy with undertones of coconut – just enough to leave you wanting more. And the slow cooked shank roast comes a close second with its tender and juicy meat – served with different kinds of sauces to make every calorie count! Now that’s meat made to perfection!

Last and definitely not the least, is what Saniya Waqar outshines herself in – the magnificent, mouthwatering desserts. She’s designed the perfect dessert menu for the buffet – to make sure you have the  end to your dining experience! The Creme Brulee is so light that it’s the perfect dessert after you’ve almost stuffed your face with all the amazing meals in the buffet! These vanilla rich puddings are deliciously decadent. Her desserts are just the right size to fill that small portion in your stomach that is specifically reserved for ‘meetha’.

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But my favourite picks of the desserts were the Nutella Trifle and the Stick Rice Mango Pudding. The Nutella Trifle is topped with nuts and has a bottom layer of soft brownie – sure to satisfy all those chocoholics out there. They are served in super cute dessert shot glasses that add to the aesthetics of the delicious dessert. Also, the Stick Rice Mango Pudding made my heart skip a beat! It is rice steamed with coconut milk, making them soft and runny – along with chunks of fresh sweet mangoes. This is the perfect dessert to enjoy in this Summer heat! Believe me, I salivate at the mere thought of it!

Rush on over to Sweet Affairs today. The cafe is open from 5pm till Sehri. And this delicious buffet can be yours in only Rs. 1550/head plus tax!





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