How I Started working at Misha Lakhani:
One cold December evening, my phone buzzes and I see an International number calling, so I immediately think it is my prodigal brother making his bi-annual phone call. I answer the phone, ready for a fight, and start shouting at him. I get interrupted by a timid female voice who introduced herself as Misha Sadiq, a mutual friend of mine and Misha Lakhani’s. Embarrassed and red in the face, I tried to act calm when I heard another female voice on the line. It turned out to be a 3-way call between the the two Mishas and I. I was still a little flustered while hearing my job description, but immediately fell in love with the prospect and hopped on board! To date, I’m sure Misha still thinks I’m a whack job for answering the phone screaming without knowing who was on the other line.

How the job interview went:
Sitting at Strata, Misha, Yousaf Shahbaz and I stuffed our faces with pizza and discussed mundane life events. At the end, Misha asked only one job related question: “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” It was the coolest job interview by far. I feel Misha and I clicked from the get go, so the formal interview wasn’t necessary.

When it comes to work, you can mostly find me wearing:
Misha’s loose linen kurtas! I live in them. For work, I need to be comfortable, and nothing screams comfy like soft fabric that doesn’t hug your body.

Song(s) currently on repeat in my work place :
Locked Away. As cheesy as that sounds, I usually tune out the background music in the store, plug in my headphones and listen to that song on repeat all day everyday.

Go-to Hairstyle for work:
Open, with a backup jaw clip in my bag for when I want to clip it up.

My fav. accessories these days:
I love all kinds of rings. You will never find me without at least one ring on my finger. Once, I wore 15 thin rings on the same finger and 25 on that same hand. Sounds insane, I know, but it looked fabulous – if I may say so myself.

When all else fails, I throw on:
Simplicity is the key to all. When all else fails, my go-to outfit is a simple t-shirt with jeans, with lots of accessories.

My fav. Co worker(s):
Working with Misha is incredible and that goes without saying, but my sales girls are awesome. Without Humaira and Sumaira on their A-game everyday, I would be a headless chicken running around ruining everything.

Work quality I am most admired for:
The ability to get the job done. I don’t delegate for every small detail and tend to just get up and do the task myself. That sometimes is a great trait, but could also be counted as a flaw.

Work quality I am most hated for:
My OCD. I feel a curse on me every time I follow up an order that’s not my responsibility, or start fiddling with previous order forms to make sure all is in order, or even pick up a cloth and start wiping the mirrors because a tiny fingerprint is bugging me.

Work bloopers:
On the day of our opening I forgot to tell someone to throw in that blue disinfectant bowl in the flush. So, I decided to do it myself. How hard could it possibly be? Well, I broke the flush! Ooops!

Proudest work moment so far:
The store launch itself. It’s very easy to say we are going to open and not have teething problems. Due to months of just focusing on our Lahore store opening,, my team and I were prepared for all. Naturally, a couple of problems arose but we managed to avoid the majority of them because our goal was to stay one step ahead of the game at all times.

Coolest part about my job:
As a style consultant, I get to choose my own office hours. I handle some client appointments and decide on what my appointment slots are going to be.

Worst part about my job:
It’s too soon to start hating any part of my job.

Funny client stories:
I was waiting for a client appointment for an hour, which we usually wouldn’t do but because we have newly opened our doors, I made an exception. Finally, they made their way to the store only to view the collection,thinking they needed to schedule an appointment to view our bridals too!

Work routine on a regular day:
From one appointment to another, my work day goes by with guiding clients on what the hot sellers for the month are. I fill out all the order forms, glance over the store to make sure all is as it should be, pick out new outfits for the mannequins and retire till the next day.

During fashion week, you can find me:
Backstage, in my Bata Comfit chappals running around trying to make sure the model is dressed as per our lookbook before she runs off to the makeup station. It sounds easy, but boy is it a stressful 45 minutes if there ever was one.

Work hours are usually:
I have adjusted my week to try and suit all our clients. Some days I sit in the morning half for the early risers, other days I sit in the second half for the afternoon/evening shoppers. Our goal is to make it easy for everyone to come and order outfits with us, so this spread has proven to be promising.

Up next at work, I am most looking forword to:
The Lahore special collection. Naturally, Karachite’s and Lahori’s have some style differences. Misha, being a Karachi-based designer, has a very distinct style to her. So when Misha and I started working together we came up with a few designs just for our Lahore-based clients. The goal was to maintain the ‘Misha’ aesthetic but to adjust it to what the new client market in Lahore would like. Our new pieces are almost ready and should hit the store soon. I’m excited to see the reactions as Misha introduces herself in a new light; staying true to herself but broadening her work pool to fit what will attract Lahore even more.

Dream job:
Chiara Ferragni is my role model. I want her life – to travel the world and be dolled up. My dream job would be to skip up through all the levels of fashion blogging and start where Chiara is today. Hey, a girl can dream big at least!

My fav. Misha Lakhani piece:
The ‘Dancing Girl’ ghagraa. It’s from Misha’s newest collection and has Kathak-style dancing girls on it. I loved the idea when I heard about it pre-production phase, but when I saw it, I fell in love with it even more. It’s on my wish list to own one day!

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