Naan-O-Licious feat. Maro Tandoors


Taskeen Zahra reports back from her Naan-talizing experience at Maro Tandoors

Growing up in Lahore, you get to taste all kinds of naans – Kalonji, Kulcha, qeema filled, and the most popular, Roghni Naan. However, no matter how good they taste, they never steal the show. Let’s face it, the main course has always been more flavoursome, and the naan is like the welcome sidekick. But with Maro Tandoors bringing an exotic twist to a traditional tandoori specialty, the Naans finally have a shot at being the star of the show!


I’m sure you must have a literal tandoor in mind when you think of this place, because I know for a fact that I did. However, it is nothing short of an exotic eatery (with a tandoor in the kitchen!) that serves desi specialties with it’s own unique twist. The seating is comfortable and the décor is minimalistic which goes remarkably well with their contemporary desi theme.


Quick and efficient, with an extremely friendly and accommodating staff. You get hot steamy naans, piping fresh out of the tandoor before you even know it.


The entire vibe of the place is East meets West, and it’s practically the only place offering the best of both worlds. The menu has a wide range of flavours of Naans, and a newly introduced product called Roly Poly. They have even bite sized baby naans as a little something to snack on! With different flavours of lassi, mint margarita and drinks on the menu, Maro Tandoors is the only place keepin’ it real!

Dig In

Nutella Naan


This is for all the die-hard Nutella fans out there! You won’t be able to put it down once you’ve had a taste of this ultimate chocolatey goodness. The warm, melted Nutella enveloped in the hot Naan oozes into your mouth as you take a bite. YUM! I’m salivating at the mere thought of it… No wonder it is a specialty at Maro Tandoors.

Cheese Naan

This one is a classic, for sure. There’s cheese, cheese and some more cheese! The generous filling is one that will send you through the roof. It is a simple balance of flavours that hits the spot.

Chicken Teriyaki

Think about the best Chicken Teriyaki you’ve ever had. Now imagine that stuffed inside a “garam garam” Naan. It truly doesn’t get better than that. Who said Japanese food couldn’t be desi?

Chicken Tarragon


This is the perfect amalgamation of flavours. It offers you a creamy texture of the traditional tarragon chicken stuffed generously inside a hot Naan.

Roly Poly


This is definitely the desi Twister – but better. It has a Kebab covered in a blanket of Maro’s own secret cream-cheese recipe, rolled into soft bread. With the perfect bite-sized thickness, Roly Poly has won my heart. You’d be surprised to know that it costs only Rs. 150/-!

Mint Margarita

The beautiful mint green colour of the drink makes you feel refreshed the moment you lay eyes on it. With one sip, you feel a sugar rush go through your body. I was flabbergasted to find out that the drink cost me 1/4th of what it does at some high end restaurant. And I must say, this one tasted muuuuuch better.

Chocolate Lassi

YUM! Like all the other items on the menu, it is a creation of the creative minds behind Maro Tandoors themselves. It is both light and delicious, and almost makes you feel like you’re having a chocolate shake. But the best part is: it is all the chocolate without any of the guilt – super light on your waist, foodies!


Overall Experience

With such creativity, innovation and the perfect balance of flavours, you’d think Team Maro Tandoors went to culinary school if you didn’t already know better. The best part is that this fantastic meal will not be a hefty blow to the wallet. The prices are extremely affordable and that only makes you love their high quality food even more. I’d give them a solid 10/10 for making me love Naan as a main course!

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