Coveted fashion brand Mina Hasan reveal their new bridal collection for the upcoming wedding season. The collection is available made-to-order at Mina Hasan stores in Lahore and Karachi.

The A/W’15 Bridal Collection consists of an array of radiant and iridescent bridal formals inspired by colonial trellises that engage geometric and floral motifs while experimenting with a variety of textures and colors. Carefully handcrafted tulle, brocades and crepes have been used to craft the new collection and create diverse silhouettes. Jewel encrusted and metallic embellishments make this collection both feminine and modern, while still maintaining the traditional elegant beauty the brand is associated with.

We speak with the fabulous Mina Hasan about her exciting collection:

What was the design philosophy for this bridal collection? (Reason behind collection name if any, inspiration(s)/moodboard, market aiming for, price bracket, etc)

The Mina Hasan A/W 2015-2016 collection is fundamentally inspired by colonial architecture, making use of geometric and floral trellises whilst experimenting with a variety of textures but sticking to a very metallic theme. There is definitely a fusion of baroque elements with a contemporary spin and small bursts of color to break through the metallics. In terms of marketing and pricing we try to offer the ideal package for our clientele where the design is worth the price and the experience of wearing the outfit is essentially regal. The idea is to create a balance of beautiful yet wearable clothes with our signature aesthetics.

Describe your design aesthetic in three words.

Delicate, iridescent, modern-classic

Why did you decide to go with Laila Ali? Ayaz Anis?

We wanted a fresh face for our collection and wanted to keep it elegant at the same time. We had worked with Laila before and felt she was a great choice for bridals and formals with her petite frame and fresh look.
Ayaz is a great photographer and so easy to work with! He understands what the client wants and delivers under all sorts of pressure. Often we have many last minute requirements and he always accommodates us and is very composed and professional throughout the shoot- that’s difficult to find in someone here!

What styling / makeup did you keep in mind?
The most important thing is to keep the look wearable and elegant. The way each outfit is styled is a little different, yet simple and classic – it is basically how we imagine the outfit to be carried!

Tell us a bit about the location – where was the shoot, how did you find the place etc

The shoot was in a 200 or so year old abandoned building. We literally went around on foot in an old area of Karachi and knocked on peoples doors till someone allowed us to use their property!

Which fashion/beauty trend do you want to see die this season?

Too many bright colours in one outfit!

What is your favorite trend/silhouette this season?

Clinched waistlines

Tell us about something exciting/funny/disastrous that happened at the shoot.

We were all pretty certain the location was haunted! We had to wrap up before we were done because everyone was too scared of staying there after sunset!

Personal fav. outfit from collection?
The beige with silver work!

What can we expect to see next from the Mina Hasan brand
It’s always nice to keep things as a surprise – but Sunday Mag will be the first to know!!

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