Men Amongst Mountains with Baqir Mehdi

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Baqir Mehdi, a talented photographer, graduated from NCA in Film and TV, with a distinction for his thesis documentary 'Me, Chabbar and Abbu Chachu'. He documents his travel through the mountains of the Valley of Misgar, telling us about the conversations of men amongst the mountains and the hospitality of the natives.

“Im more of a documentary photographer and I like photographing people. I constantly try to find a balance between living in the moment and capturing it at the same time. I think I’m getting better at it. It’s like a conversation – to know what to say at the right time, to know when to photograph at the right time.” – Baqir Mehdi

He travelled to Misgar Valley for an art residency…

The Decisive Moment

The Decisive Moment

“I was asked to join Tasweerghar’s team of photographers for an art residency in the remote valley of Misgar. “The Willow Tree Art Residency” – that’s what it was called and I liked the sound of it. I was part of a team of 4 photographers from Tasweerghar along with three musicians, two sculptors and a videographer. At first I wasn’t so sure about travelling to Misgar because there wasn’t much about it online. But I’m glad I went. The more I interacted with the people of Misgar, who spoke very little Urdu, I realised that humans are all the same, much more alike than different.”

The ride was long and hefty..

The Old and New

Misgar vall

“The trip to Gilgit took us 18 hours and we had to spend a night there. The next morning we left for Hunza, which took us 3 hours because we kept stopping on the way. Hunza was beautiful just as I had imagined it to be. We mainly roamed around the markets, stopping every now and then to take pictures.”

The Long Trek

“During my stay at Misgar, I was experiencing a lot of things and felt like i needed to talk to someone; sometimes talking about what you feel makes you visualize those feelings in a completely different way. Luckily, I had Anum to talk to and she has the ability to see things very differently, for example i was talking about how cold it was there and she asked me if i had a cold nose! Haha.”


“The next morning we left for Misgar, which also took us about 3 hours. The roads and the majestic mountains leave you with mixed feelings. The higher up the Valley you travel, the bigger and more awe-inspiring the mountains begin to look – and with it, the smaller your own existence begins to feel. The mountain peaks resemble nothing short of a scrumptious vanilla icecream with layers of chocoloate ganache. At one point I lost all sense of proportion: I would look at a mountain and think “hmmm that doesn’t look too big” and then I would see something like a bridge or people next to it and they would all  look so tiny.”

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The Valley is a long green patch among mountains..

Field Boy

Misgar Boy

“The first thing I noticed whn I reached misgar was that it was a little harder to breathe because of the high altitude.”

Cant help it

The valley is a long green patch between mountains,. The mountains surround the Valley to the extent that no matter where you stand in Misgar, a mountain is always in sight.The houses there were made of stones and wood and there would be streams of water running throughout the valley; crystal clear, cold water.”

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The people of Misgar are extremely hospitable..


“The people of Misgar are the most hospitable people I have ever seen; so hospitable that I would at times feel embarrassed and wouldn’t know how to say no to a cup of tea. Everywhere we went, every person we met would ask us to visit his or her home. The one thing that I found extremely interesting was the way the women greeted men. They would shake hands and lightly kiss the back of the man’s hands- a greeting full of such love and admiration which is a true reflection of the dwellers of the Valley.”

Back from School

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