BTS feat. Nida Azwer’s Cruise Collection


We get all the scoop from on set with Nida Azwer’s latest Cruise Collection:




What was the design philosophy and inspiration of this particular collection?

The design philosophy for our Cruise Collection 2017 is to make really beautiful hand worked pieces which are very very well priced. It’s all about mixing separate pieces together, where each garment can be worn and styled differently.  The same goes for the gharara’s and shalwar’s; They can be mixed and matched with different tops. It’s all ready to wear, which gives our clients an option to have what they like right away and still be able to make it their own.

What made you go with Meera Ansari for your shoot?

I love Meera’s versatile look. She is timeless, classy and chic, which is the brands over all aesthetic. She has a great vibe too and is a fun person to work with!

Which silhouette do you want to see more of this new year? What trends are you ready to see die in 2017?

I am loving all the versions of gharara’s we have come out with, so I really see those trending this year. Tops with detailing and structure are in, while I feel longer hemlines won’t be seen much .

Tell us about something fun or memorable that happened at the shoot?

We changed the concept literally an hour before the shoot, which was quite an adventures move on our part as the set and concept was all ready! I went with my gut and last minute, we decided to change the mood

Your personal favourite piece from the collection?

I love the blue gharara with the side tie black top. I feel it’s the perfect mix of traditional and modern looks put together.




How was it working with NidaAzwer?

This was my second time working with NidaAzwer, and it was a great experience yet again. Their team is very strong, and I knew the results would be memorable. I loved the vintage styling for my hair and makeup, and enjoyed how it transformed my usual look. Despite the appearance of the work and fabric being heavy, it was very light and comfortable to wea; Her work is like nothing else in the market and I love how her pieces are identifiable and uncommon

Current favourite trend? Trend you are ready to see die in 2017?

I love the comeback of velvet and organza, especially for the Winter. I am ready to see the tulip shalwar go!

Tell us about something memorable that happened at the shoot?

When the shoot was rounding up and we all began to run low on energy, Rizwan treated us to some crispy jelebis and gharam samosas!

Your personal favourite outfit from the collection?

The navy blue outfit was just stunning! The work on it was impeccable, and it’s totally something I would wear.




What was the concept for the shoot?

Every time I see Nida’s clothes I feel like doing something unique. This time I decided to play with a coloured background, play of light and put in different effortless props to give a vintage and chic feel.

How do you get in the zone before a shoot?

The shoot has to be perfect for me and it just comes together. Once the model is on the set, her hair makeup, dramatic outfits and a good theme gets me very excited and I just start capturing moments.

Favourite thing about working with Nida?withMeera?

I think Nida’s clothes are absolutely beautiful. My favourite part about working with her is that while I love and respect her creativity, she also gives me the creative freedom I need on set. Meera’s dedication with her work is what I like the most about working with her. Her attitude and positivity brings light to the set.

Tell us something memorable / fun that happened at the shoot?

I agree with Nida! The most memorable bit was that we changed the entire set at the very last minute and got the new set ready in half an hour. I cant believe we pulled it off!




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