Alisha Hashmi

What was your design philosophy for this collection?
The biggest inspiration in doing this was my mother, Mina Hasan, herself. The way she evokes femininity in her work and incorporates different kinds of ornamentations is stunning. This capsule collection is about translucency and experimentation. It is a culmination of various fabrics, stitches, cuts and details, all from different periods and cultures.

Why did you decide to start an offshoot collection from your mothers label?
I have been working with her for a couple of years now and think she is super talented! Our sense of style is similar in many ways, so I thought it was time to do a line that resonated with a younger and more trendy clientele. I think my collection is very true to the Mina Hasan brand, and is just a slightly edgier and bolder version of it.

Which trend do you want to see die this season?
Peplum in desi clothes. Firstly, they don’t do it right here, and secondly, it just doesn’t look right with work on it.

What is your favourite silhouette this season?
I am loving the Oraib cut. I think its very feminine and flattering!

Nadir Firoz Khan

What was the concept of the shoot? Where was this shot?
The mood of the shoot was understated modern glamour. We wanted to shoot in a minimalistic part of Mina’s beautiful new home, to bring focus on the clothes. We wanted to highlight how modern and young the clothes are. The outfits were all about transparency and sheerness, so that theme was worked into the concept of the shoot as well. And Natasha was very particular about keeping the makeup base flawless and fresh.

What are highs and lows of working with Amo B?
Amna is one of our favorite models. She is super easy to work with, always on time, always a trooper and most importantly always on her game with her killer eye contact! From vamp to girl next door, Amna is the ultimate chameleon, and morphs into any look you give her. There honestly aren’t any negatives. I would have to say the funniest part about working with her is her ability to fall asleep anywhere. She takes a short catnap (sometimes even while I set the light) wakes up and switches back into work mode like nothing happened!

Natasha Khalid
Makeup Artist

What was your mood board for hair and makeup with this shoot?
I don’t like to go with a very Desi look when doing makeup for Eastern outfits, so I went for a very clean look. The collection is dressy pret-wear, so I didn’t want to create a look that was very bridal or mature. I wanted to look to be very sexy, so we did a winged eyeliner with heavy lashes, kept the skin very dewy and styled the hair with a middle parting – all very modern, fresh and young.

What is your favourite beauty trend this season?
I am loving the comeback of the slick, dead straight hair. And I am still big on keeping the rest of the makeup very neutral and simple and pairing that with dark lips.

Beauty/hair trends you want to see die?
Ironically, I want to see the concept of wanting to look fairer go away. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, but it is one beauty trend that needs to go! Other than that, over plucked eyebrows and ombre hair both need to be done with.

What was the funniest thing that happened on the shoot?
The funniest thing was when Maha Burney walked in and we all gasped to see that she was visibly pregnant. I am very close to Maha and Nadir and I had no clue! For a second I thought her shirt was just a little unflattering but then I realized what was going on. It’s honestly such wonderful news, and I can’t wait to have the baby on set!

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