White Wash Your Wardrobe

In the summer, white is as cool as it gets. Brighten up your wardrobe with classic, textured white pieces. White dominated the runway in all forms, with a selection of accessories and ensembles that looked super chic. If you’re skeptic about going all white, feel free to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Feel the Blues

Summer means blue skies and it’s fun to sit and stare at the beautiful colours. Be inspired andincorporate shades of blue into your wardrobe. From the pale morning sky to a dark starry night, Blue is the color many labels used in theirsummer collections. Be it sunny mornings or breezy late night parties, blue will get you through in style.

Blossoming Flowers

Bright floral printsare the symbol of spring romance and long summer days and I’m so glad many designers featured floral and tropical prints in their runway and store collections. Addfloralsin to your wardrobe to get a trendy, casual look that is perfect for the vacation season.

Red Alert

Sometimes one craves to be bold and different, stand out and let the confidence ooze. No colourspeaks louder than red. Anything from subtle shoes, loud jackets and even a simple red tee can add thatmuch needed punch to your look. Go big, go confident, and go red!

Get Graphic

Women have been having fun with digital prints of all colours and designs for a while, it’s time for us men to be as adventurous! This season is all about going digital so be daring and experiment with a print that catchesyour eye. If you don’t want to take the plunge and wear printed pants or a shirt, how about a fun printed pocket square, tie, socks or shoes?

Striping through Summer

With the effortless appeal stripes bring to your look, you can takethis style from the office to the beach to a friends place with you. Stripes can make one look dapper and casual-cool at the same time.

Pull up the Pants

Many times we go with the norm and forget that we have loads of options when it comes to pants. For this season,high-waistedis the way to go. Sure, they can end up looking a bit stiff, but when worn correctly,they add a modern and quirky edge to your look.

Sandal Galore

Blair Waldorf once announced that sandals are not real shoes. Well, guess what? Sandals are the most in thing this summer and are here to stay! Sandals are available in all forms, but my personal favourite are gladiator sandals. They will complete your summer look like no sneakers or loafers would. Sandals FTW!

Bag it Out

Accessories are an integral part of a look, but most men choose to go with arm candy or sunglasses only. Gentlemen, it’s time to try something new! The man-bag, as it is called, has emerged victorious on all the runways this season. If you are not the adventurous type, go with a tote bag or backpack. All those with iPads and gadgets – this trend could not have come at a better time!

The author is a published poet who loves reading, writing, music and fashion. He blogs at www.thatpakiblog.com and tweets as @thatpakiblog


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